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Trejhara Solutions Ltd.
Sector: Information Technology
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15.75 -0.45 (-2.78%)
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  • TREJHARA Share Price - Technicals

    TREJHARA - 52 Week High₹47.65
    TREJHARA - 52 Week Low₹10.6
  • TREJHARA Share Price - Historical (₹)

    Nov 1117.317.31616.2
    Nov 816.716.715.5516.5
    Nov 716.616.615.5515.95
    Nov 615.151615.1516
    Nov 514.9515.6514.5515.25
  • TREJHARA Share Price - Daily Moving Averages (DMA)

    20 Day Moving Average₹13.93
    30 Day Moving Average₹14.45
    50 Day Moving Average₹14.94
    100 Day Moving Average₹16.03
    200 Day Moving Average₹22.24
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