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In this segment we will provide Intraday calls in Equity cash and Nifty/Banknifty Futures
My Big Break is India's #1 online news alerts service for artist requirements in any media including TV, movies (Bollywood), advertising etc. Subscribe to our channel and stay up to date with news that can change your life as an artist. *Structural Procedure to Mail Profile* Name: Age: Height: Gender: City: Hair color: Skin Color: Eyes color: MEASUREMENTS Bust: Waist: Hips: Body Structure: Tattoo: Yes/No Shoe Size: Passport: Yes/No To Mail your profile you need to fill and attach above information including 5 best pictures of your.
Fullpicture is an exclusive, comprehensive, online English magazine on Malayalam cinema, put together by a team of experienced journalists who share a passion for everything about Malayalam cinema. The idea is to put out well-written and well-researched features, exclusive interviews, unbiased reviews, bits of nostalgia, a peek into the lives of people behind the camera, aesthetically shot photographs and news. Lots and lots of it. But strictly, no gossip!. EDITORSPEAK It is payback time. This is our humble return gift to the glorious Malayalam cinema... For bringing stars into our lives. For those refreshing stories and characters on celluloid. Most importantly, for making us smile, laugh, cry, reflect and ponder. -- Neelima Menon
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Any creator looking to paywall their premium content channel and manage subscriptions
Any niche publication e.g. topical blog, offline magazine or geo local news
Any social media creator targeting niche audience and looking for direct monetization
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