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DHFL Share Price Discussion

Reputation: 6,182 • Sep 19 3:46 AM

*Whither oversight?*
*Eight years before the PMC Bank scam was unearthed, a whistle-blower warned RBI about a gigantic fraud. What did the RBI do? It asked the then CEO to investigate. That man is in the dock facing charges of fraud*.
In September 2019, RBI i...
Reputation: 21,598 • Aug 5 1:47 AM

Why do you need diversification?
Presenting 6 companies that used to be industry leaders at some point in time.

They were so-called "Quality" and "too big to fail" companies.
Fundamentals and Price is vis...
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Ramani @Ramani1999
Aug 6 3:53 AM

Excellent advice Krish sir

63 Moons: Seeks halt on Piramal's plan to takeover #DHFL

As a lot of people are worried about suspension of #DHFL. Also, a lot of people are keen to know what does suspension mean and what happens to their holdings in case of suspension from exchange.
Here is some information you must know:
The suspension of a comp...
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Karthik @karthik-SJH9VFd3O
Jun 29 10:56 AM

Sir any possible to sell sir now

Yes, you search and connect with delisted shares dealers or OTCEI.
Karthik @karthik-SJH9VFd3O
Jun 29 12:59 PM

Ok sir

#DHFL : Trading in equity shares of Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DHFL) is suspended with effect from June 14, 2021.

People who own #DHFL shares are panicking about delisting of the company. So, here is a quick piece of information:
When a company is delisted, its stock no longer trades on one of the major stock exchanges. In a direct sense, nothing happens to a shareholder when delisting occur...
Reputation: 4,003 • Jun 12 4:57 AM
BSE, NSE Suspend Trading In DHFL Shares
The ban will come into effect from June 14. The stock continued to be traded on both the exchanges despite the company formally informing the exchanges that the worth of equity shares is zero.
NSE Suspends Trading In DHFL Shares
The ban will come into effect from June 14. The stock continued to be traded on both the exchanges despite the company formally informing the exchanges that the worth of equity shares is zero.
Reputation: 15,076 • Jun 12 9:35 AM
Reputation: 15,076 • Jun 12 9:28 AM

#DHFL stock to stop trading from Monday. Good luck to whoever bought without thinking. Use Nudge & be sensible.
Reputation: 21,598 • Jun 12 9:25 AM

Again, reiterating ...

DHFL ~ Takeover by Piramals:
Banks / Creditors Claims: Rs. 100,064 Crores.

Piramals Bid: Rs. 37,250 Crores

Bank Write~offs: Rs. 50,000 Crores

Other creditors / FD holders lose Rs. 13000 Crores.

Fixed Deposit holders to rece...

DHFL - 3461512
Reputation: 21,598 • Jun 12 4:56 AM
ArcelorMittal gets creditors' nod for distressed Uttam Galva Steel
ArcelorMittal, one of the world’s largest steelmakers, resolution plan has received approval from the creditors of Uttam
Reputation: 21,598 • Jun 11 2:42 AM

One of the known guys going to lose his hard-earned 20 lakhs+ in DHFL.
Which was more than 60 lakhs + for him as he didn't sell a single stock stating DHFL will be 1000 rs stock when it was in bull run.
Lesson learnt:
Diversification is the key.
Don't pu...
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Pal @pal-BJYYKbiXd
Jun 11 4:00 AM

Most invaluable message 🙏
KrisDom Investor @krisdom
Jun 11 4:19 AM

must book partial profits if you see 2x returns in any scrip, it's a thumb rule@! I advise my members everytime!
Sanjib Ray @sanjibray
Jun 12 3:18 AM

Absolutely true and genuine reply.

_*DHFL* ~ Takeover by *Piramals:*_
_Banks / Creditors Claims: Rs. 100,064 Crores._
_Piramals Bid: Rs. 37,250 Crores_
_Bank Write~offs: Rs. 50,000 Crores_
_Other creditors / FD holders lose Rs. 13000 Crores._
_Fixed Deposit holders to receive NOTHING._
_Equity Shareholders ...
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Jana @jana-BklHXOA9_
Jun 11 4:05 AM

Good info sir
Praveen @praveen-BJuTiJ7ru
Jun 16 1:24 AM

What about those who are holding stocks?? Will they get any amount??
Reputation: 21,598 • Jun 11 12:47 PM

DHFL Takeover by Piramals:
Banks/Creditors Claims: Rs. 100,064 Crores.
Piramals Bid: 37,250 Crores
Bank Write-offs: 50,000 Crores
Other creditors/FD holders lose 13000 crores.
Fixed Deposit holders to receive NOTHING.
Equity shareholders to b...

#DHFL No Value Attributable to the equity Shares as per the Liquidation value of the Company Estimated. So Nothing as in History in 90-95% nothing will get in hands of investors.
Reputation: 17,810 • Jun 10 11:21 AM
Biggest gainers & losers of the day: Bajaj Finance shines; media stocks rally 20%
The Nifty50 ended 0.7 per cent, or 102.4 points, higher at 15,737, while the BSE-Sensex closed at 52,300, up 0.7 per cent or 358.8 points.
The Economic Times

Entry Price
Target Price
Stop Price
Valid Till
Jun 17, 2021 3:20 AM
₹185,500 approx for 10000 Qty
Exit Price
Net P&L
+₹18,500 (+9.97%)

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Crish Mobileo @crish
Jun 14 3:58 AM

Exit Price
Net P&L
+₹18,500 (+9.97%)

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  • DHFL - Share Price - Fundamentals

    Market Capitalization15,993.52
    Enterprise Value106,137.42
    Price to Earnings13.64
    Price to Book Value1.82
    Return on Capital Employed0.09
    Return on Equity0.13
    Face Value10
    Dividend Yield0.01
  • DHFL - Brokerage Reports

    28-Jan-19Motilal OswalBuy300
    7-Dec-18Angel BrokingBuy300
    28-Nov-18Cholamandalam SecuritiesBuy286
    24-Sep-18Cholamandalam SecuritiesBuy743
    16-Aug-18Cholamandalam SecuritiesBuy743
    DHFL Brokerage Price Target
  • DHFL Share Price - Historical (₹)

    Jun 1116.716.716.716.7
    Jun 1018.5518.5518.5518.55
    Jun 921.9521.9520.620.6
    Jun 822.8522.8520.922.85
    Jun 720.820.820.820.8
  • DHFL Share Price - Daily Moving Averages (DMA)

    20 Day Moving Average₹17.95
    30 Day Moving Average₹17.02
    50 Day Moving Average₹16.14
    100 Day Moving Average₹18.29
    200 Day Moving Average₹19.07
  • DHFL - Profit And Loss

    CONSOLIDATEDMar-18Mar-17 % Change
    Operating Profit9,334.8810,043.26-0.07
    Profit Before Tax1,756.623,371.82-0.48
    Net Income1,172.132,896.45-0.6
  • DHFL - Balance Sheet

    CONSOLIDATEDMar-18Mar-17 % Change
    Shareholder's Funds8,795.647,995.80.1
    Total Liabilities99,115.9384,546.660.17
    Total Assets107,911.5792,542.460.17
  • DHFL - Cash Flow

    CONSOLIDATEDMar-18Mar-17 % Change
    Cash from Operating Activity-29,155.82-15,747.620.85
    Cash from Investing Activity5,067.55-10,442.08-1.49
    Cash from Financing Activity22,644.9426,043.89-0.13
    Net Cash Flow-1,443.33-145.818.9
  • DHFL - Ratios

    Return on Assets0.010.03
    Return on Equity0.130.36
    Return on Capital Employed0.090.11
  • DHFL - 3 year Growth

    3 Year CAGR Growth in Revenue0.75
    3 Year CAGR Growth in Operating Profit0.72
    3 Year CAGR Growth in EBIDTA0.72
    3 Year CAGR Growth in Net Income0.89
    3 Yr CAGR Growth - Diluted EPS-0.12
  • DHFL - 5 year Growth

    5 Year CAGR Growth in Revenue1.57
    5 Year CAGR Growth in Operating Profit1.51
    5 Year CAGR Growth in EBIDTA1.5
    5 Year CAGR Growth in Net Income1.59
    3 Yr CAGR Growth - Diluted EPS0.06
  • DHFL - Recent News

    Jun 9 11:26 AM
    Biggest gainers and losers: Ion Exchange rallies 20%; TeamLease falters, DHFL tanks
    The Economic Times
    Jun 9 1:06 AM
    Stocks in news: GAIL, Tata Motors, BoB, Max Financial, Religare Enterprises and DHFL
    The Economic Times
    Jun 9 5:46 AM
    63 Moons to move NCLAT against Piramal's bid for DHFL
    The Economic Times
    Jun 8 5:16 AM
    DHFL lenders may move NCLT against guarantors
    The Economic Times
    Jun 8 4:31 AM
    Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code works, but it could work better
    The Economic Times
    Jun 8 5:36 AM
    'Zero' worth DHFL shares up 30% in a week! Investors shrug off warnings
    The Economic Times
    Jun 8 5:16 AM
    DHFL: Possible merger, delisting — what next? A look at fresh developments amid rising speculation
    The Economic Times
    Jun 7 12:36 PM
    DHFL shares may get delisted after acquisition by Piramal
    The Economic Times
    Jun 7 6:56 AM
    NCLT approves Piramal’s resolution plan for DHFL
    The Economic Times
    Jun 7 6:06 AM
    DHFL shares rally nearly 10% after Q4 earnings
    The Economic Times
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  • DHFL - More Information


    Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd (DHFL) is one of the best housing finance companies in India with an extensive network across the country that provides services to millions of customers in the low-to-moderate income (LMI) category.
    The company's core deposit products include fixed deposit products trusts and institutions, for individuals, and corporate, Wealth2Health deposits, and recurring products. The company also offers home loans, such as home extension loans, home improvement loans, home construction loans, plot loans/land loans, plot and construction loans, home loans for the self-employed, and balance transfer of home loans; small to medium enterprise loans, including property term, business loans, plant and machinery, and medical equipment; mortgage loans, such as loan for purchase of commercial premises, loans against property, and loan through lease rental discounting and also NRI home loans.
    About Company Information:
    The company was incorporated by Rajesh Kumar Wadhawan on 11 April 1984, Maharashtra as Dewan Housing Finance & Leasing Co. Also, the company was renamed as Dewan Housing Development Finance in 1984, then after it was again renamed as Dewan Housing Finance Corporation (DHFC) with its registered office in Mumbai. The company again changed its name to Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited in August 1992. The company commenced its activities in August 1984 and has several branches all over India.
    DHFL offers customers with a vast array of home loan products including loans on residential plots, homes, construction, LAP or loan against property as also non-residential, mortgage, and project loans. As on March 31 2018, the company had extended its network to 349 locations including 187 branches, 135 micro branches, 20 zonal/ regional / CPU offices, 2 disbursement hubs, and 1 collection centre in India. They have two representative offices in Dubai and London.
    For the first time in the records of housing finance, DHFL has introduced a housing loan, allowing dual protection by way of accident risk cover and property insurance, free of charge to borrowers. The company also gives financial assistance to improve infrastructure facilities and for slum development. The company issued 84,19,875 equity shares of Rs 10/-each share aggregating to Rs 1684 lacs in right basis during the year 2000- 2001. On March 31 2014, DHFL signed the first-ever mortgage guarantee contract with IMGC (Indian Mortgage Guarantee Corporation).
    This provides DHFL with a first loss guarantee on its pool of priority sector housing loans. In a first-of-its-kind deal, DHFL has securitized this priority sector housing loans with a Mortgage Guarantee to ICICI Bank Ltd. It has been rated AAA (SO) by CARE Ltd. This guarantee has allowed DHFL to reduce the level of credit enrichment that would have unless been required for securitization, through releasing capital which can be redeployed to earn greater returns.
    On 6 October 2016, DHFL announced a decrease in its interest rates by 20 basis points to 9.35% for its new clients with effect from 11 October 2016. On January 4 2017, DHFL declared that it has reduced its home loan lending charges by 50 basis points from 9.10% to 8.60%, effective from January 4 2017.
    On January 29 2019, Cobra Post claimed an expose of DHFL for utilising shell corporation to siphon up ₹ 31,000 crore investment from various banks for their own personal profits. DHFL has registered a response with BSE stating this is untrue. DHFL denied these allegations in a Hosted Investors / Analysts conference & explained that ₹ 31,000 crore loans specified in the allegation include its Project Loan Portfolio.
    Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited Listings:
    The DHFL Equity Shares/stocks are listed on the National Stock Exchange of India Limited (the "NSE") and BSE Limited (the "BSE", together with the NSE, the "Stock Exchanges").
    Symbol: DHFL
    ISIN: INE202B01012
    Status: Listed
    The Key Dates to be noted for DHFL is:
    March - The Year Ending Month
    June - The AGM Date (Month)
    June - Book Closure Date (Month)
    Listing Details:
    BSE Code 511072
    NSE Code DHFL
    BSE Group A
    DHFL Indices:
    BSE-200 - Yes
    S&P CNX 500 - Yes
    CNX Midcap - Yes
    As of May 2019 - Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd, Management Team:
    Alok Kumar Misra - Independent Director
    Dheeraj Wadhawan - Non-Executive Director
    Harshil Mehta - Executive President
    Kapil Wadhawan - CEO
    Kapil Wadhawan - Chairman & Managing Director
    Naveen Manghani - Asst. Company Secretary
    Naveen Manghani - Secretary
    Srinath Sridharan - Non-Executive Director
    Sunjoy Joshi - Independent Director
    How DHFL categorised under Finance Sector and Housing industry:
    The finance sector is a section that leads the world in terms of equity market capitalization and earnings. The companies that are in the economic enterprise focus mainly on managing money, as their revenue is generated mostly by the sectors from mortgage and loans that gain value as interest rates rise. Also, this industry's economy is made up of institutions and firms that provide financial services to wholesale and retail customers.
    Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd comes under Finance - Housing, Speciality Finance Industry. Speciality finance is nothing but the financing activity that's taking place outside the regular banking system. Typically, speciality finance firms are non-bank lenders that offer loans to consumers and small to midsize companies that cannot otherwise acquire financing. Specifically, consumer speciality finance includes auto finance, housing loans, collection, alternative financial services, credit card, and mortgage companies. DHFL falls under the sub-industry of Mortgage Finance.
    DHFL‘s Competitors and Sector Peers:
    Aavas Financiers Ltd, AUHOUF
    Akme Star Housing Finance Ltd, AKMSTA
    Can Fin Homes Ltd. CANFIN
    Coral India Finance and Housing Ltd, CORIND
    GIC Housing Finance Ltd, GICHOU
    GRUH Finance Ltd, GRUFIN
    Hindustan Housing Company Ltd, HINHOU
    Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd, HOUUR
    Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd, HOUSDE
    Ind Bank Housing Ltd, INDBAN
    India Home Loan Ltd, MANOHO
    Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd, INDIHO
    International Housing Finance Corporation Ltd, INTERH
    LIC Housing Finance Ltd, LICHOU
    Manraj Housing Finance Ltd, MANRHO
    Mehta Housing Finance Ltd, MEHHOU
    PNB Housing Finance Ltd, PNBHOU
    Reliance Home Finance Ltd, RELHOF
    Repco Home Finance Ltd, REPHOM
    Sahara Housingfina Corporation Ltd, SAHHOU
    SRG Housing Finance Ltd, SRGHOU
    Vax Housing Finance Corporation Ltd, VAXHOU
    DHFL Contact Information:
    Nehru Center, Discovery of Ind 9th Floor, Dr A b Road, Worli Mumbai, 400 018 India.
SOURCE: Data from D'Market via Quandl. Intraday data delayed 15 minutes.
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