The terms "We" / "Us" / "Our"/”Company”/”The Company” individually and collectively refer to Frontdotpage Private Limited and the terms "Visitor” ”User” refer to the users. The terms "Website", "App", "FrontPage" individually and collectively refer to the website and FrontPage mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms. The Website is a platform for third party content creators to showcase and sell access to their digital content via "Channels" which are owned and operated by the respective content creator.
Unless otherwise stated explicitly in a Channel, the Website DOES NOT offer RETURNS of digital content purchased on its platform. The nature of digital content being such that one gets access instantly. As such, the Website DOES NOT allow cancellation of orders placed. Also as a result, unless otherwise stated in a Channel, the Website DOES NOT offer any refunds of money spent in purchases of subscriptions to channels or one off purcahses of digital content.
In certain situations you may lose access to a creator’s subscription-only content. These include when you cancel your subscription, your payment method fails, the creator blocks you, or the creator deletes their account.
We have no control over the quality, timing or legality of content. We do not grant refunds for failure to deliver content. We do attempt to screen for fraudulent creator pages, but cannot guarantee the identity of creators or the validity of any claims they make. We appreciate your help reporting suspicious creator pages so we can improve FrontPage.
Most channels available on the Website provide free of cost "trial plans" for limited durations to assess the value and quality of its content. We highly encourage you to utilize these trial plans before making a purchase.