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Independent trader. I trade infrequently. Interested in conversations here.
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#MarketsHumor The support that market needs now :)
Dhruv's Posts
Dhruv replied to Alpha's post

These stock numbers in the heatmap dont seem correct for today. Why is it being liked so much? What am I missing?
Today 10:24 AM
Dhruv replied to BankNifty Expert's post

What tf this?
Oct 2 2:17 AM
Dhruv replied to Dubz's post

This is more like skin in the game! All the best.
Oct 2 2:14 AM
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Dhruv replied to Nik's post

Should this really be in markets humor? Some sarcasm I am missing?
Oct 2 2:13 AM
Dhruv replied to Ashok Bommera's post
Oct 2 12:00 PM
Dhruv replied to yash's post

Can you please explain? TIA.
Oct 1 12:14 PM
Dhruv replied to Dubz's comment

@dubz007 Make your point. No need to abuse.
Sep 29 12:06 PM
Dhruv replied to Pankaj Mishra's comment
Sep 29 6:57 AM
Dhruv replied to Manush Vadher's post

Sep 28 1:42 AM
Dhruv replied to Lalit Pahadi's comment

@lalitpahadi sir aise kisi forum par pooch kar lene ka plan hai to kuch bhi mat lo 😂
Sep 28 2:13 AM
Dhruv replied to Omaan's post

Agreed. Looking to go long here. Will play with futures may be. And hold it for couple of months.
Sep 27 3:54 AM
Dhruv replied to own comment
Sep 26 6:33 AM
Dhruv replied to Elliott Wave's post

This is very interesting. Saving this post to see how this turns out.
Sep 25 2:51 AM
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Dhruv replied to Siddharth's post

Red is hot
Sep 25 11:02 AM
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Dhruv replied to Ayushmaan Singh's post

Lol. Thats deep.
Sep 25 10:53 AM
Dhruv replied to Siddharth's post

No likes for Adani 😝
Sep 22 2:01 AM
Dhruv replied to own comment
Sep 20 1:29 AM
Dhruv replied to Sandy's post

Any fundamental view on this?
Sep 20 4:24 AM
Dhruv replied to Manush Vadher's post

Has to be taken for headache after the stoploss is hit?
Sep 19 11:40 AM
Dhruv replied to Anurag Yadav's comment
Sep 18 11:43 AM

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