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Markets Humor Discussion

GrK @Gauravrk
Yesterday 9:27 AM

Ha ha
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49Money @49money
Just now

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Reputation: 14,428 • Nov 23 6:13 AM
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Manas Dasari @manasdasari
Nov 23 10:27 AM

Cibil score for common citizens , it doesnot matter for vijay malya or nirav mody 😏
Rock @rock-BkCTZOvCD
Nov 24 8:20 AM

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Reputation: 1,212 • Oct 16 1:51 AM

That Night I cried a lot when I got a Text from my Girl saying, "Baby aapne jo shopping kelie 20000 die the uske mene #YESBANK ke shares le lie. Saste me mil gaye"
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Sushi @sushiZ
Oct 22 3:29 AM

Are Bhai tab ki baat kar raha hai jab 110 ki kharid thi , aur aaj 14 ka price hai...
Prashant Wakode @prshant5
Oct 22 3:29 AM
T S Ruturaj @tsruturaj
Nov 27 2:52 AM
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Reputation: 14,428 • Dec 6 3:01 AM

Do you think studying stock fundamentals can help overcome this fear?
Markets Humor - 6223550
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Today paytm investors returning from broker's office 😂
Markets Humor - chart - 5913736
Pramod @pramod-ByjR-SDGF
Nov 18 4:39 AM


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Reputation: 22,699 • Aug 5 10:31 AM

Who is the biggest shareholder of ITC?
-Govt of India @32.51%😱
They claim that they are Anti-Tobacco.
From the Govt, who is the Biggest Shareholder in ITC
-LIC @14.42% 😱
What does LIC sell?
-(Life insurance)
What does ITC sell?
This is called True *Hedging*...
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Trading2022 @trading2022
Oct 1 10:52 AM

Promoters have No Holding.
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Reputation: 14,428 • Dec 2 8:35 AM
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Ravi S K @ravisk
Dec 2 11:56 AM

Can you please explain it??
Pranav Wagh @pranavwagh
Dec 6 2:33 AM

True Dat! :D
Adi @adi-SJ1az2sFK
Yesterday 4:09 AM

Why isn't there a unlike button
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Reputation: 22,699 • Nov 13 3:38 AM

After watching the debute of #NYKAA and the pricing of #PAYTM, seems like the end of the world is very close. Stay Safe, keep your investment safe. Nobody knows when the storm is going to raise. Valuation has lost its meaning. Reliance with huge assets n earnings is trading at 25...
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SRKSAGAR @srksagar
Nov 14 11:09 AM

So buy the stock for long time, you may see 10k in Nykaa, Paytm n other shares
SRKSAGAR @srksagar
Nov 15 12:54 PM

Check the quarterly results
Rkdev @rkdev
Nov 15 2:08 AM

Jab tak LIC ka IPO nhi aa jata tb tak market ka doomsday nhi aayega. Let the LIC IPO on the bourses and the watch the magic.
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Girlfriend father: It's tough to handle my daughter. She will test your patience.
Me: I am holding #ITC
Girlfriend's Father: Beta shaadi kab karni hain.😋
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Reputation: 4,501 • Aug 29 3:00 AM

शेयर बाजार की खासियत
'खरीदोगे' तो क़ीमत घट जायेगी
'बेच' दोगे तो बढ़ जायेगी
जो 'स्टॉपलोस' रखोगे तो HIT हो जायेगा
जो 'प्रॉफिट' बुक करोगे तो लगेगा कम PRICE पर ही EXIT हो गये
जो 'लॉस' बुक करोगे तो पछतावा होगा
ज़ब कुछ नहीं करोगे तो ऐसा लगेगा - सब ...
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वेल सेड
Rajan Rao @rajanrao
Oct 21 2:13 AM

RKD @rkd-rJovaF0SK
Oct 21 4:12 AM

So what would be your advice Sir, to set stop loss for SBIN purchased @ 425, IGL @ 560, BPCL @ 490, @ NUVOCO @ 570 during JUL, AUG 2021; if to exist position now or remain invested?
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Reputation: 48 • Nov 30 10:59 AM
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8000 ₹233
9000 ₹228
10000 ₹291
11000 ₹277
12000 ₹288
13000 ₹196
14000 ₹209
15000 ₹234
16000 ₹210
17000 ₹211
WHO ...
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600164 @600164
Oct 6 10:07 AM

What is this camody

Sanu kumar @Raj123
Dec 5 9:53 AM

Above details are not ITC even touch Rs 350 too. It all bullsheet.. figures
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Reputation: 3,109 • Jun 4 7:07 AM

Normally I don’t share an investment tip, but will make an exception now.

Buy Petrol @100/-
Target 125/- 😂😂😂
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Kiran Lal @kiranlal
Sep 26 1:20 AM

✌✌that's true...
RAHUL RITZ @rahulritzz
Sep 28 1:14 AM

Fardin Khan @fardin
Oct 26 7:34 AM

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Reputation: 22,699 • Nov 21 6:18 AM

Just like the withdrawal of Agriculture bills by govt , is it possible for SEBI to withdraw PAYTM IPO, just asking
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Reputation: 4,191 • Nov 27 5:05 AM
sandhu @Sarb
Nov 29 2:11 AM

What about if he’d have bought /invested in bitcoin 10 yrs back with 500rs 😂😂😂
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Today IRCTC and TATA POWER buyers returning from broker's office. 😂😂
Markets Humor - chart - 5354227
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Tanishq Patel @tanixq
Oct 20 9:14 AM

Deba Panda @debapanda
Oct 21 11:55 AM

Dont forget IEx
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