For those who:
Follow everyone and get confused.
Execute trades without backtesting the strategies.
Think to become a successful trader, one should learn each and everything.
Think by learning a few indicators, they can be successful.
Think one must use more indicators to reduce the risk.
Think one must be a pro in accessing every fundamental aspects.
Give less importance to technicals if fundamentals are strong.
Watch macroeconomics everyday and get confused about the market direction.
Think buying/selling stocks based on news or broker's recommendations is a good idea as they are experts.
Think option chain analysis is the only way to predict stock movement and ignore other important aspects.
Pick stocks by the use of screeners and start trading.
Think price of fundamentally strong stocks can't become undervalued when many hypervalued stocks exist in the same market in spite of average or poor fundamentals.
Think staying invested for decades is the best thing to do in the market.
Think successful traders never make losses.
Think one can easily earn from the market without making the required efforts mostly on learning and developing strategies as there are lots of Gurus in Frontpage 😜
Think people like me cannot give good trade ideas as we are providing those for free. (Just kidding) 😜🤣🤣
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