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Simple Trader-display-image
Reputation: 2,856 • Today 1:55 AM

I expect every trade I take to be a loser?

Yes, you read that right. I expect every single trade I’m taking to be a loser.


Before thinking why? Ask yourself, what you will think before taking trades?

To be a winner – Probably, most of the traders think that.

Now, let m...... read more
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Simple Trader-display-image
Reputation: 2,856 • Today 1:33 AM

Good traders know that their trades might get fail.

Accepting bad days is and be flexible with the market conditions is so important.

Build your trading system which makes you money in the long run.

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Call Put Analyst-display-image
Reputation: 15,550 • Today 12:43 PM

Year 1: You want to be a millionaire.
Year 3: You want to be a disciplined and fearless trader.
Year 5: You want freedom.
Trading shapes your life.
Good Morning Friends❤️
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Smart Money-display-image
Reputation: 6,523 • Yesterday 6:23 AM

For those who:
Follow everyone and get confused.
Execute trades without backtesting the strategies.
Think to become a successful trader, one should learn each and everything.
Think by learning a few indicators, they can be successful.
Think one must use more indicators to reduce ...... read more
Trading University - 10177371
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Call Put Analyst-display-image
Reputation: 15,550 • Yesterday 5:49 AM

🧚‍♀You can't win without PATIENCE.
- Impatience will destroy your discipline
- Impatience will destroy your confidence
- Impatience will destroy your self-belief
Patience is the most important trading skill.👌
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Call Put Analyst-display-image
Reputation: 15,550 • Yesterday 5:46 AM

💥Trading is amazing.
One candlestick = Millions of bulls and bears fighting against each other.
That's why price action is king.
Happy Trading✌️
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Jagdish Jha-display-image
Reputation: 6,681 • Yesterday 2:36 AM
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Reputation: 448 • Jun 27 1:49 AM

Can someone guide how to select stocks on previous day which will probably give good move on next day?
Which scan to be used?
Can someone provide working methodology as per their experience?
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Jun 27 2:43 AM

Have built charts on investing that i go and check. If that's what you are asking. Mostly I don't trade all the stocks. Have some favourites, mostly track them and see if there is any opportunity.
Jun 27 3:10 AM

Go with narrow range break out strategy if doing intraday, probability will increase if it is done with chart patterns in a small timeframe.
I don't trade intraday but this strategy works. Try to figure out on high liquid stocks only with proper risk management.
Jun 27 3:56 AM

Best way to do it, old style, use Metastock offline software, download eod data and run different explorers available or build your own. Works perfectly. I am doing this from 20 years
Reputation: 2,911 • Jun 27 1:35 AM

Traders Mindset Refresher Series

1. “It’s never too late to learn trading from The Beginning”

2. “Don’t become vulnerable to your emotions, it can have a negative effect on your Trading Performance”

3. “If you are getting Panic at...... read more
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Reputation: 6,039 • Jun 27 11:38 AM

🧚‍♀Most traders are ruined by losses:-
- They give up, they don't trust the process.
- They get angry, they don't learn from mistakes.
- They change system, they don't continue to execute.
Take a loss as fuel to improve, not as a reason to give up.
Good Morning Friends❤️
#Tradin...... read more
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Reputation: 1,809 • Jun 27 5:53 AM

Easiest way to avoid overtrading
Maintaining a journal specially a hard one (like a diary) where for each day you have only limited no of spaces, and if all the spaces got filled you are not going to trade more on that particular day.
This could be one solution, only if you can c...... read more
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Jun 27 4:58 AM

Hey, Thanks for sharing.. Will surely try out light themes while trading.
Jun 28 9:39 AM

I am maintain a account book ji thank you for your good suggestion
Call Put Analyst-display-image
Reputation: 15,550 • Jun 26 1:21 AM

🧚‍♀Bad Trading habits that will kill your performance:-
1) Change your system often
2) Extend your stop loss
3) Take profits too fast
4) Revenge trading
5) Overtrading
6) Take trading tips from unknown/unskilled people
7) Wait for the perfect trade
8) No stock selection criteria
9) Always watch zig-zag new...... read more
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Jun 26 8:47 AM

Point 7 is good.
We should take perfect trade only.
Reputation: 534 • Jun 25 11:38 AM

This is how i set my target in cup and handle 23 jun #PriceAction... read more

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Jagdish Jha-display-image
Reputation: 6,681 • Jun 25 8:22 AM
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Rowdy Bachchan-display-image
Reputation: 1,054 • Jun 25 4:22 AM

Most powerful cross over of moving avg.
Death cross n
golden cross
Most powerful indicator
Price Control
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The Trading Job-display-image
Reputation: 3,040 • Jun 24 10:52 AM
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Manush Vadher-display-image
Reputation: 11,080 • Jun 24 8:18 AM
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