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Smart Money replied to own post

Exit Price
Net P&L
+₹15,000 (+25.85%)
Feb 24 8:35 PM
Smart Money replied to breakoutchartsday's post

A fake out is most likely to happen, stay alert.
Feb 15 12:23 AM
Smart Money replied to own comment

@tmtview not always, the chart will prove it someday. So just wait and watch.
Feb 14 3:57 PM
Smart Money replied to Tmt View's post

Better stay away from Adani Enterprises for at least 6-8 months, meanwhile find better opportunities.
Feb 14 1:11 AM
Smart Money replied to Rashi Sharma's comment

@rashisharma Tata Elxsi can fall another 65% from CMP due to hyper valuation.
2100-2600 levels can be considered good to accumulate.
Current retracement may hit 7700 level before another big fall.
undefined - 28773113
Feb 13 6:30 AM
Smart Money replied to Rashi Sharma's comment

@rashisharma more downside is there, will update the chart later.
Feb 12 4:10 PM
Smart Money replied to own post

Detailed chart attached.
undefined - 28772203
Feb 12 5:22 AM
Smart Money replied to Spatel67's comment
Feb 4 3:34 AM
Smart Money replied to Spatel67's comment

@spatel67 Sir, I am not biased with any news from any media. My investments are purely based on my own studies and these trend analysis I post anywhere are only for educational purposes.
Feb 4 3:26 AM
Smart Money replied to Ramanuja's comment
Feb 2 6:45 PM
Smart Money replied to own post

Entry Price Modified
Price @ Update
Original Entry Price
New Entry Price
Feb 1 4:02 PM
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