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dewdrop's Post
Reputation: 622 • May 11 10:20 AM

Tips to keep calm during market volatility and stay invested! #InvestingUniversity
1. Focus on your goals : Stick to your long term goals. Do not veer off course because by staying invested, you increase chances of gaining profits over the long term.
2. Take solace in History : History has shown us that despite the challenges the global economy has faced, markets have always recovered from significant downturns and may go on to recover strongly.
3. Don't keep checking on your investments every other minute : Limit the frequency in which you check your investments for both your financial and emotional well being.
Else you might act on a sudden sharp downturn and crystallize losses you would have made up over time.
4. Remember that investing beats cash : Saving accounts struggle to keep pace with inflation. If you are ready to accept the risk that comes with investing, and have time on your side, you give your wealth the greatest chance of growing and beating inflation over the long term.
5. Stay diversified : Hold a mix set of assets : equities, bonds, property and cash etc. Each may perform differently in similar market conditions, some lose value whilst others make gains.
Overtime, this helps to smooth returns.
So let's stay positive and overcome this time together! 😊
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May 13 5:48 AM
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Lucid info 👌🏻
May 12 2:49 AM
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