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Reputation: 3,960 • Today 12:53 PM

💡 Policy Bazaar 💡

PB Fintech Ltd, popularly known as Policy Bazaar is India’s largest online platform for insurance and lending products through its flagship brands - Policybazaar and Paisabazaar platform through which they provide convenient access to insurance, credit, and o...... read more
POLICYBZR - chart - 10231313
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Reputation: 16,408 • Yesterday 4:21 AM

Excerpts from The psychology of money: Morgan Housel.

1. Do the actions we take around our decisions on money depends on our knowledge about finance?
2. How do we change our decision making process around money which is based on our past experiences.
3. Luck and risk - what role...... read more
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Reputation: 62,137 • Jun 25 5:48 AM

STARBUCKS is a bank!
Yes, it's not a joke. Let me explain how.
You deposit money in your starbucks account on the app & when you use that money to buy coffee, you get rewarded.
Currently, there's a total of $1.5Bn lying in Starbucks accounts all over the world. And it is not sitt...... read more
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Jun 25 7:28 AM

Proof for 1.5BN with it?
Jun 25 7:54 AM

Need to check with them
Reputation: 3,960 • Jun 24 5:50 AM


In simple terms, the risk is the probability of loss or uncertainty of outcome. What does it mean if you are investing in the equity market? Here, the return on equity investment is uncertain, and that uncertainty is known as risk. In the context ...... read more
Mutual Funds - 10071765
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Shubham Birar-display-image
Reputation: 7,305 • Jun 24 3:03 AM


Equity-linked savings scheme Vs Public Provident Fund

💰 What are ELSS?
ELSS are Equity Linked Savings Scheme which is nothing but a tax-saving provident fund. It provides both features of tax savings and lo...... read more
Mutual Funds - 10059184
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Jun 24 3:21 AM

Jun 24 5:20 AM

Jun 24 8:33 AM

Sir how to calculate PPF returns?
Reputation: 3,960 • Jun 22 9:09 AM

💡 Don’t invest in FDs 💡

Here's why you should not invest in FDs

Taxation: The interest earned on FDs is fully taxable, unlike savings account which offers tax exemption on interest earned up to INR 10,000 per year. The tax on FDs is deducted at the source. If you fall in the ...... read more
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Anupam Roongta-display-image
Reputation: 19,413 • Jun 22 4:18 AM

Buying & Selling actively in the market is a proof that you're a speculator. Being passive is a proof that you're doing thorough research.
Investing University - 9999476
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Reputation: 1,809 • Jun 21 10:35 AM

Penny Stock- Dangerous as hell, attractive as well, A stock which is valued less than a dollar is quoted as penny stock.
Why Dangerous- It can make your complete investment in it disappear in no time. No technical analysis works properly on them and moreover due to low price it ...... read more
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Anupam Roongta-display-image
Reputation: 19,413 • Jun 21 7:31 AM

The revolutionary 4% rule that made Uday Kotak the richest banker in the world.
Uday Kotak turned down an offer to join the family business of stock broking to work with HUL.
His ideas revolved around many different industries, but in the end, he settled on financial services.
Ba...... read more
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Reputation: 10,441 • Jun 21 2:22 AM

"Risk management and diversification are still the only free lunches when it comes to managing portfolio volatility."

Investing University - 9955251
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Reputation: 10,441 • Jun 21 12:27 PM

The 🦬🦬🦬🦬 markets have lasted longer and stronger, but the 🐻🐻🐻🐻 have lived shorter and angrier.

Investing University - chart - 9955165
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Nikhilesh Joshi-display-image
Reputation: 1,831 • Jun 20 12:43 PM

#WHIRLPOOL has released its annual report for FY22.One interesting thing I have observed here is the Holding companies Whirlpool Mauritius limited and Whirlpool corporation taking out high dividends and Technical know how fees from its Indian Subsidiary. While the operating prof...... read more
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Reputation: 10,441 • Jun 20 6:40 AM

Not only nature has seasons, even business, Economy too has Seasons (Crest and Troughs)

When to Invest all in, When to hold cash, When to adjust portfolio is a masters skill to learn.

Investing University - 9943679
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Reputation: 10,441 • Jun 20 2:34 AM

Long Term Investment always wins.

But one of the rule is not "Invest and Forget". Its...

"Invest and Manage". 👍

Investing University - chart - 9925071
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KrisDom Investor-display-image
Reputation: 30,385 • Jun 19 4:44 AM
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Jun 20 12:00 PM

I have doubt short term gains ,can it be adjusted with long term gains
Reputation: 3,960 • Jun 19 4:26 AM

💡 Decoding the Mutual Fund Factsheet 💡

• Type of fund: Check whether the scheme is an open-ended, close-ended, or interval scheme
• Total AUM: View the total corpus of the scheme managed by the fund. A high AUM indicates the popularity of the scheme and the confidence of inves...... read more
Mutual Funds - 9924765
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Reputation: 3,960 • Jun 18 3:01 AM

💡 IIP 💡

• The Index of IIP (Industrial Production) is an index that indicates the performance of various industrial sectors of the Indian economy
• It is calculated and published by the CSO (Central Statistical Organisation) every month
• It is a composite indicator of the gen...... read more
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Jun 28 6:07 AM

This good information thanks
Anupam Roongta-display-image
Reputation: 19,413 • Jun 18 8:32 AM

In 2032, you have:
➡️ Zero debt.
➡️ Fat retirement savings.
➡️ Big investment portfolio.
➡️ 3 passive income sources.
And it's all because of the actions you took in 2022.
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KrisDom Investor-display-image
Reputation: 30,385 • Jun 18 7:08 AM
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Jun 18 2:45 AM

Ha ha ha bada aaya gyan pel ne wala
Jun 19 6:05 AM

I don't think just PEG ratio decides undervaluation. There should be more parameters to be considered.
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