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Learn Financial Markets via Paper Trading

SEBI reports that 90% of traders face losses and exit the market. Enhance your longevity by testing strategies with our user-friendly virtual trading app.
Paper Trade Image
Paper Trade Image
Easy-to-Use interface
Simple and easy-to-use interface that doesn't get in the way of your learning. Navigate the markets effortlessly, focusing on what matters most - your growth.
Frequently Updated & Accurate Data
Stay ahead with frequently updated market data, offering you an edge in your trading strategies.
Unlimited Strategy Testing
Experiment freely with unlimited paper trades, perfecting your strategy for the real market scenario.
Trade Across Asset Classes
Diversify with virtual capital of 10 Lac. Trade in Stocks, Futures & Options, and Commodities without any financial risks.
Stay Informed with Timely Alerts
Get real-time updates on crucial data points like Watchlist reports, market shifts, stock news, SGX Nifty, and FII DII. Stay one step ahead in the market with our instant notifications.
Active Trading Community
Connect with 10 Lac + traders just like you. Trading can be a solitary journey, but it doesn't have to be. Discover new ideas, learn together, and support each other on this exciting journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Paper Trading?

Paper trading is a simulated form of trading that allows beginners to practice on a virtual trading platform without using real money. It's essentially a stock market simulator where you can hone your skills before stepping into the real trading world.

How do I get started with paper trading?

To start paper trading, sign up on Frontpage, a top-rated paper trading platform in India. You'll receive virtual money of 10 Lac to begin your trading journey. Other popular paper trading platforms in India are TradingView, Sensibull, Neostox, Zerodha, and Moneybhai.

Is paper trading on Frontpage free?

Yes, paper trading on Frontpage is completely free. It allows you to practice trading without any charges.

What all instruments can I trade?

You can trade stocks, options, and commodities.

Can I paper trade with options?

Yes, options trading is fully supported on the Frontpage paper trading platform. You can explore the complexities of options pricing, understand volatility, and learn risk management, all within a risk-free environment.

Can I skip paper trading and start with real trading?

While it's technically possible to skip paper trading and dive directly into real trading, we recommend against it. Real trading can be volatile and complex. Paper trading allows you to familiarize yourself with trading mechanisms and develop strategies without the risk of real financial losses.

Why is paper trading useful for beginners?

Think of paper trading as a playground for beginners. It's like a sandbox where you can experiment with trading strategies, understand market dynamics, and monitor the impact of news on stocks

And the best part? You get to do all of this with virtual money. This way, you get to practice, make mistakes, learn, and gain confidence before you dive into real trading.

How long should I paper trade?

There's no hard and fast rule. Some people may need a few weeks, others might take a few months. The key is to practice on your virtual trading platform until you feel confident and start seeing consistent profits in your simulated trades.

Think of it as a video game. You don’t start playing at the highest level, right? You level up gradually. Similarly, paper trading helps you level up your trading skills at your own pace. The key is to focus on learning and improving, rather than rushing to the live market

Is there any limit on the number of trades I can do in a day?

There's no limit on the number of trades you can do in a day while paper trading. However, it's advisable to trade sensibly to mimic real market conditions.

Can I set stop loss and target on my orders?

Yes, in paper trading you can set both stop loss and target on your orders, just like in real trading. This helps simulate the actual trading environment.

Is the data provided by Frontpage's paper trading platform reliable ?

Yes, our platform provides accurate data so that you can make informed decisions and perfect your trading strategies.

Will it display P&L in runtime when the orders are placed?

Yes, we show your P&L in real time as orders are placed. This helps you to understand the impact of your trades immediately.

What are some of the best paper trading apps in India for beginners?

In addition to Frontpage, here are some other notable paper trading platforms in India:

TradingView: Known for advanced charting features and user-friendly trading simulator, often favoured by global and Indian traders.

Neostox: A virtual trading platform with real-time market feeds and the ability to practice trading with virtual money of up to 1 CR across various market segments including equities, FnO, and commodities.

MoneyBhai: Allows trading in different asset classes and offers features like portfolio management.

Sensibull: Designed for options traders, with virtual money for trading and analysis tools.

Zerodha: Offers paper trading through Streak, allowing users to backtest various strategies.
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Why Should You Paper Trade?

Test Lab for Trading Strategies
This is your risk-free environment to delve into different trading methods. Swing trading or shorting stocks? Our paper trading platform allows you to put these strategies to the test and refine them for real-market application.
Risk-free Learning Playground
Try your hand at bullish strategies, bearish tactics, or even explore the complexities of options trading. Here's the best part – it's all risk-free, giving you the freedom to learn and experiment.
Confidence Booster
The sense of accomplishment with every successful virtual trade can do wonders for your self-confidence. Paper trading enables you to build your courage, understanding market trends and patterns, so when you step into real-world trading, you do so with increased assurance.
Window into Personal Trading Style
Paper trading is more than just practice. It's a magnifying glass that helps identify your trading strengths and weaknesses. It provides you insights into your risk appetite, your patience levels, and how you react to market swings, thus paving the way for crafting your unique trading style.

Paper Trading vs Real Trading: How are they different?

Paper Trading
A Risk-Free Market Simulator
The Purpose of Paper Trading
Paper trading serves to mimic real-world trading scenarios without real financial implications. The primary goal of a paper trading account is to provide traders with a safe space to enhance their trading strategies, sharpen their decision-making abilities, and prepare for the real-world volatility of financial markets.
The Practical Process
A paper trading account operates with virtual funds. Traders analyze the representation of stocks on a website's chart, note down the ticker, and use this data to make calculated decisions on when to buy or sell the stock.
Transitioning to Live Trading
Upon mastering their trade strategies on a paper trading platform, traders typically transition to live trading, where actual money is at stake.
Advantages and Disadvantages:
Pros: Paper trading safeguards beginners from risking real money while learning, offers confidence-building through trial and error, and serves as a training ground for emotion management and understanding broader market conditions.

Cons: However, paper trading falls short in accounting for various hidden costs encountered in real-world trading and doesn't simulate the unpredictability of the live market. It also can't provide a complete understanding of how specific market conditions can impact individual securities.
Live Trading
Stepping into the Real Market
The Shift to Real Trading
The transition from paper trading to live trading is a significant one. It involves moving from a risk-free simulator to an environment where real money is at stake and subject to the daily fluctuations of the live market
Preparing for the Real World
An essential part of this transition is remembering the lessons learned during the paper trading phase. Equally vital is the ability to manage emotions. Discipline and emotional control are paramount when trading on platforms with real financial implications, such as Forex.
The Role of a Broker
A reliable online stock broker can play a crucial role in guiding traders during live trading. From offering investment advice to managing your investment account, a good broker can significantly enhance your live trading experience.
Advantages and Disadvantages:
Pros: Live trading offers independence in decision-making, the potential for real financial gains, and the opportunity to reap rewards from dividends over time.

Cons: On the flip side, live trading brings the risk of potential addiction to trading, a high-stress environment due to the need for quick decision-making, and the very real possibility of substantial monetary losses.
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"I am having awesome experience while using this app. App is very fast in execution of trades and UI is very easy to understand and use. Thank you very much team FrontPage for such a great stock market trading simulator app."
Kailas Mistry
"Best Paper Trading Platform for NSE and BSE stocks and Option chains ever. I came across FrontPage application about 3 months. I have been using this app everyday. This platform helps to harness trading skills and learn how to take actual trades."
Nilesh Devikar
"One on the best app to learn Indian Stock market. You can do paper trade with real time experience...good for beginners."
Sandip Sengupta
"What an app! Very user intuitive interface. Does the job very well. Kudos to the team who created such an wonderful app."
Prabakaran SK
"The best app around for paper trading. Best customer support and interaction. I was having problem regarding options trading and they called me by themselves and sorted out the problem."
Vidhan Kulshreshtha

Tips for Successful Paper Trading

Trade Like It's Real

Just because it's a paper trading account doesn't mean you should treat it lightly. Approach every trade like it's coming out of your actual pocket. This practice instils a discipline that's crucial when you transition to live trading

Experiment and Perfect Your Trading Strategies

Utilize our paper trading platform to experiment with different trading strategies. The stock market is a dynamic beast - your strategies need to adapt too. Continuously analyze, tweak, and optimize your strategies for the best results.

Maintain a Trade Journal

One of the best paper trading tips is to keep a record of your trades. This will help you spot patterns, identify strengths and weaknesses, and give you a clear picture of your trading habits. It's all about self-improvement and strategy optimization.

Utilize Updated Market Data

With our paper trading simulator, you get frequently updated market data. Use this to your advantage to understand how real-time changes affect your trades. It's the closest thing to trading in a live market environment!

Practice Across Market Conditions

Don't limit your practice to bullish markets. Venture into bearish and volatile market scenarios as well. Our paper trading platform allows you to experience the roller coaster of market conditions, preparing you for real-life trading dynamics.

Keep Learning and Evolving

Whether you're a novice trader or a seasoned pro, paper trading serves as an excellent learning tool. With our platform, you can continually test new strategies, explore different markets, and enhance your trading skills. The world of trading never stands still, and neither should you!

Why is paper trading useful for beginners?

Think of paper trading as a playground for beginners. It's like a sandbox where you can experiment with trading strategies, understand market dynamics, and monitor the impact of news on stocks. And the best part? You get to do all of this with virtual money. This way, you get to practice, make mistakes, learn, and gain confidence before you dive into real trading.