Paper Trade

Learn trading from scratch and improve continuously, without risk, before investing real money at a brokerage.

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What is paper trading?

Paper trading is simulated trading with virtual money

  1. Test everything, no more what ifs: Whether you are a novice or a veteran in markets, test and refine all your ideas before risking real money in a live trade.
  2. Understand and manage your psychology: Learn emotional detachment from making or losing money with paper trades. It is the key to becoming a successful trader.
  3. Build a system: Discipline under changing market conditions is what separates adults from adolescents in markets. Practice and build a system with paper trades.
  4. Discover your style: Are you an intra-day swing trader, news traders, momentum trader and/or a overnight/multi-day swing trader. Discover with paper trades.
  5. Maximize skill, minimize risk: Skill >>> Luck. Practise and improve your skills so you don't have to look up to the heavens every time you take a position.

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The best paper trading app loved by the #1 community of traders in India - frontpage

  1. Almost real: Paper trading on frontpage is almost like trading with a live brokerage.
  2. Huge margin: Start with INR 10 Lakh margin. And just in case you run out, reset any time.
  3. Equities & derivatives: Trade all NSE listed equities, commodities and futures and options.
  4. Learn from the community: Connect and learn from thousands of traders and investors on frontpage.

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