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#InvestingUniversity The time has come for Adani Group stocks to stop growing unnecessarily. (Most Probably).

So, if anyone here is having investment in Adani Stocks and feeling lucky to have upto 900% returns, this might be the time to deboard the flight and book the luck.
Hope you know who is Sucheta Dalal. (One who exposed Harshad Mehta Scam)

Gradually this tweet is picking up eyeballs and more and more sharing is being done, soon the mainstream media might pick it up as news. If that happens, Adani Stocks are going have a blood bath.

Some investment funds (counting as FIIs CRESTA FUND, ELARA INDIA FUND
etc.) have invested up to 99% of their postfolio holdings in Adani Stocks like #ADANITRANS #ADANIPOWER #ADANIGREEN. So, around 3% of stocks are in the hands of retail investors. If these investment companies sell their stake in these stocks, These stocks will fall like crazy.

Most importantly, we all know that the fundamentals of Adani Group doesn't hold any justice with the rapid growth we have seen in stocks.