Residents Watch (HSR Layout) 

Residents Watch is a neighbourhood news channel on HSR Layout. After six years as a monthly magazine on HSR Layout, we are now a mobile news medium through our WhatsApp and Telegram Channels. Just WhatsApp us your name (+919880585748), and we will add you to the news feed. Or follow our Telegram channel here:

Want to work with us as a citizen journalist, have a news tip or interested in advertising with us? WhatsApp@98805-85748 or email:
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Important phone numbers for HSR residents!

To download the files, you can click here.

PLEASE NOTE: A lot of effort has gone into maintaining this database. Despite our best efforts, some numbers could be wrong. Please report to us when you find those by emailing us ( Together, we can keep it updated as phone numbers and officials change often. We will keep updating this database from time to time. If you care, please share this database with everyone you know in HSR Layout. This story link is also in the 'Channel description', so anybody can access it anytime.
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How can I download this image. Or else no use
Zahid H Javali @zee
Dec 7 10:38 AM

Please ckick on the image to zoom.
Zahid H Javali @zee
Dec 7 10:58 AM

We have added the 'download' option as well. Please see the updated story.