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Pumps for HSR to tackle flooding in low-lying areas

After the record flooding of areas in HSR Layout in the last two years, the BBMP has decided to buy pumps instead of hiring or leasing them. This is in preparation for this year's monsoon. The areas that will benefit from this move will be HSR Layout, Koramangala, Indiranagar, and JP Nagar, among others.

The low lying areas of HSR Layout are always flooded, and water entering the houses is quite common around the time. Earlier, the BBMP had a tough time sourcing pumps to drain the water during emergencies as they had to rely on external agencies. Their own pumps were under repair while many others were stolen. Hope this time, the BBMP takes steps to ensure the pumps are not stolen again.
Middle-aged woman hit by BMTC bus near 5th Main

On Sunday, January 27, around 5.10pm, 42-year-old Kumari K was riding her TVS Jupiter on Outer Ring Road near 5th Main in Sector 6 when a BMTC bus hit her from the right side.

The driver was allegedly driving rashly on the extreme left side of the road that led to the accident. Kumari incurred injuries to her right hand, thighs, shoulders, face and other parts of her body.

The bus conductor and the onlookers took her in an ambulance to Girinagar's Pulse Hospital. After being administered the first aid, she was taken to Yogananda Multispeciality Hospital in Padmanabhanagar for further treatment.

The HSR traffic cops have registered the 'hit and run' case under four sections of both the Indian Motor Vehicles Act and the Indian Penal Code, and are investigating.

House burgled in Sector 1 when resident was out of town

A first sector resident lost jewellery worth lakhs and Rs 1 lakh in cas when his house was burgled when he was out of town.

The incident could have occurred any day between January 23 and January 28 at Jaipal Gopalan's house on 8th Cross, 28th Main. The 53-year-old

On Wednesday, January 23, Jaipal left for Chennai at around 8.45am. When he returned at 6am on January 28, he found that the front door broken open by somebody. He found them stealing 2 kilos of silver ornaments and 825 grams of gold jewellery in addition to cash of Rs 1 lakh.

The HSR cops have registered the case under several sections of the Indian Penal Code, including theft (380), trespassing (454) and housebreaking (457).

Citizens want ATMs to serve in Kannada

Kiran is asking an important question. Why can't the bank ATMs also have an option to transact in Kannada, the state language. This is not just confined to IDBI Bank. All the banks only provide English and Hindi as options. What about people who are well versed in Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati, Urdu and so on?

On the face of it, you might think it's an anti-English of anti-Hindi slogan. But if you examine Kiran's request, he is saying what many more people have been increasingly demanding of late. Only recently, #serveinmylanguage became a hashtag in social media. Right now, that is not the case even with IVR systems. They only have English and Hindi as options.

With 22 languages, India is a diverse country and all the languages need to be included in the banking system. Many organizations like DMK, Bangla-O-Bengali, Campaign for Language Equality And Rights (CLEAR) and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena have sought for multi-language support at ATMs across the country.

Why can't BMTC buses take a detour at HSR Layout?

With the increasing traffic congestion, and the failed plan of the BMTC to have shuttle buses in HSR Layout due to lack of proper planning, the residents are now asking the transport department why all the buses plying between Sarjapur Road and Whitefield don't enter HSR Layout.

If this happens, people will find it more convenient to use public transport. Clearly, the BMTC needs to have the right people to plan bus stops in strategic places where most people will find it convenient.

Says Sharad Holani and echoed by the Whitefield Rising group: "Why are there no buses going inside HSR Layout and Sarjapura. All buses on Outer Ring Road only go straight towards Silk Board. Why will people use buses when they don't go anywhere near people's home?" Tweeting this to the BMTC, he is only one of the many people who have knocked on the doors of the BMTC for efficient public transport.

CAUGHT REDHANDED: BBMP worker burning dry waste

Burning garbage is a punishable offence by law. The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike is supposed to uphold the law and penalise those who don't. However, what do you say when their own people indulge in garbage burning? This is the question being asked by several residents across Bangalore and outside.

Here is a case of one such BBMP worker burning dry waste and plastic on 3rd Cross in Muneshwara Layout, Hosapalya. Says software engineer Uday Shankaran, a resident of Kudlu who caught him in the act: "Thrice a week, they are burning plastic, twigs, dry waste, and thermocol. I always used to smell it, but today, I caught the pourakarmika (sweeper) red-handed. When I confronted him, he was not showing his face, which means the pourakarmika knows that burning is wrong."

Uday adds that burning garbage is a common practice of BBMP workers in this area. "It's easier for them to burn rather than use the garbage vehicle. Today, after he had burnt the garbage, I saw the collection vehicle pass by."


When will the skywalk come up near BDA flyover?

MLA Ramalinga Reddy inaugurating the skywalk in October 2018

Bommanahalli MLA Satish Reddy inaugurated the construction of a skywalk near HSR bus stand on Outer Ring Road near 9th Main in August 2018. But the work never began.

Three months later, it was inaugurated again, this time on the Teacher's Colony side, by MLA Ramalinga Reddy. Residents thought this might have cleared all the hurdles for this Rs 1 crore skywalk to ease the road crossing woes at this busy junction. But so far, the progress is abysmal.

The escalator construction is far from over, leave alone the actual skywalk. We tried to reach the skywalk people, but they have never been accessible ever since the first inauguration. The proprietor of My Baby Store is unhappy that his shop facade is partially blocked by the upcoming escalator. The residents are upset that the overbridge is taking longer than it should have. Inaugurated in July last year, it was supposed to have come up by October. Instead, what happened was a second inauguration of the same flyover.

Every day, the pedestrians are put to much hardship while crossing the road. There have been several close encounters of pedestrians while vehicle users have also collided with each other, thanks to the peculiar positioning of the flyover ramp and the narrow road that passes under the flyover to reach HSR. In addition, the service road on the Sector 5 side of the flyover needs a complete overhaul as it's dotted with potholes.

Says Mohan Govindiah, resident activist of Teacher's Colony: "Accidents occur pretty much everyday at this spot. There is no value for human lives. The open drain and service roads are a death trap. No skyWalk, no public toilets, no dry waste collection centre, and no primary health centre."

Agara Lakeside drain choked with garbage

The garbage and sewage in the drains is a reality. The best example of this is the major stormwater drain (Rajakaluve) running alongside Agara Lake in Jakkasandra. Here is a picture of the scene captured only this morning.

The lake's caretakers have asked the BBMP commissioner to get this cleared on priority. The reason? To prevent the back flow of this mess into the lake as the water body was revived after spending Rs 16 crore. All the investment would go to waste if precautions are not taken in time.

Accident at entrance of BDA flyover on ORR

On Jan 6, residents witnessed a car hitting the road divider. Luckily, no one was hurt on this Sunday afternoon. However, 23-year-old Yuvarani wasn't that lucky two weeks later.

On January 23, at around 9.45am, she was hit by a speeding car driver in front of My Baby Store just before the entrance to the BDA flyover on Outer Ring Road. The resident of BTM Layout was allegedly hit by Pradeep, the driver of the cab (KA02AC9408) and a resident of JC Nagar.

She was travelling from Silk Board towards Agara when the incident occurred. The impact of the car was such that Yuvarani fell off her Honda Activa scooter. Not only was her vehicle damaged, she also incurred injuries to her hands, legs and face. The cab driver and the general public rushed her to Greenview Hospital for first aid.

The HSR cops have registered a case against the driver for rash driving (IPC 279) and causing grievous injury (IPC 338).

When will BDA complex shut down?

A few shopkeepers in BDA Complex have come together and knocked on the doors of the court against the agency's plan to turn the HSR landmark into a mall. Citing loss of business, they have filed a Public Interest Litigation. However, there is no confirmation on when the case will come up for hearing. But the Bangalore Development Authority officials say that the complex will be shutdown for sure.

The shopkeepers have confirmed receiving 2-3 closure notices from the BDA so far, but nobody is clear on when the complex will eventually shutdown for construction. Until then, they are simply chugging along. Some tenants have identified alternative places while others have chosen to 'wait and watch'.

"We are identifying a place, but nobody knows when the complex will be shut or will it be shut at all," said retailer Vijay Purohit. "All I know is that our landlord took this shop on lease from the BDA in 2003-2004."

According to M Prabhu, assistant executive engineer, BDA, "The complex will shutdown, but when, nobody knows".

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RW Impact: Bus stand seat fixed; but work on speedbreakers yet to begin

3D speedbreakers are being experimented in India. Will HSR get one too?

In October, we had written about a broken seat under the bus shelter on 14th Main in front of BDA Complex. We are glad to inform you that finally, it has been fixed by the authorities.

All is well that ends well. However, BBMP's traffic engineering cell is yet to take up work on the speedbreakers and signal improvements across HSR Layout, and fix the broken road divider on 27th Main. Earlier, the traffic police informed us that the BBMP has their wishlist for months now, but they were citing their 'busy' status and not attending to the problems they have highlighted.

The BBMP had also given the excuse of cycle track work for the delay in erecting speedbreakers and painting them across HSR Layout. According to the rules, every speed limiter should have reflectors, white stripes and proper landing. However, most humps in HSR lack reflectors and the white stripes were never painted. In such circumstances, it becomes for vehicle users to notice the bump when the visibility is low. This is one of the major reasons for injuries and accidents on roads, and HSR is no exception.

Road cutting on 27th Main irks residents; complaint closed without resolving issue

Road cutting by new buildings is rampant, with or without BBMP's permission. This stretch of the busy 27th Main-22nd Cross Road junction was dug up allegedly by the building owner of Motonation shop on 27th Main Road. Clearly, this is in violation as road cuttings are not allowed on roads that were tarred only a year ago. When the residents complained to the BBMP, the civic agency closed the complaint without resolving it, irking the citizens even more.

"The road and the foothpath in front of the Motonation shop was damaged on December 22, and no one has fixed it yet," says resident Kamesh Rastogi who has complained on the BBMP app and to the authorities on social media. "They are closing the complaint after a few days and I have reopened it on three occasions so far."

Shutdown of basement shops has begun in HSR Layout!

After years of allowing traffic congestion due to illegal basement shops meant for parking, the BBMP is finally implementing the law that is around for decades now due to a recent order by the Karnataka High Court. This legal intervention prompted BBMP Commissioner Manjunatha Prasad to instruct all the zonal joint commissioners to implement the court verdict.

Two weeks ago, the HSR BBMP officials issued notices to over 70 basement shops on all the main roads. And last night, the basement shops on one side of 27th Main in Sector 1 and 2 were shutdown - nearly 20 of them and counting. The onus is now on the landlords to demolish the shops and make way for parking. "We locked some of the shops ourselves while the others were locked by the shopkeepers themselves," said Vinodh GM, health inspector, BBMP.

This drive will go on until all the basement shops are replaced with parking lots. Says Dr A Soujanya, Joint Commissioner, BBMP (Bommanahalli): "Only one third of the citizens are aware of this illegality. The tenants are the ones who are hit now. The next one month will be devoted to this operation."

Yesterday, the BBMP shutdown shops on one side of 27th Main. Today, they will do the other side and move on to the other roads. For every zone, like Bommanahalli, there is a nodal officer who is overseeing this operation. A time table is plotted out for everybody who is part of this shutdown drive, including the police, health inspectors and engineers.

This road divider is yet to be fixed even after 2 months!!

Two months after it was reported, the broken divider on 27th Main Road is yet to be fixed by the BBMP and the traffic police. When the BBMP does not do its job, the traffic department is supposed to act, particularly to enforse one-way on a busy thoroughfare.

However, the it is status quo at this divider near Rockview restarant in Sector 2. Agreed that they are the responsibilities the BBMP's traffic engineering cell. But two months is just too long a time to excuse themselves for being 'busy'. That's the excuse they have been giving the traffic police all this while.

The truth is also that though the dividers were put back a week after it was first broken, some miscreants removed it again (residents suspect auto drivers). After that, the divider has remained broken and the case is in suspended animation ever since. It is more than 60 days but there is no resolution to this problem.

Man asks cops to locate his missing wife!

Twenty-eight-year-old engineer Pradeep Verma, a resident of Hosapalya in Sector 2 has filed a complaint that his 26-year-old wife has gone missing from his apartment since January 23.

According to his complaint, Pradeep had left for office at 11.30am on January 23 when his wife was home. However, when he returned at 4pm, nobody answered the door bell. When he pushed his way through the door, his wife was nowhere to be seen and neither was she in the homes of relatives, neighbours or friends.

When we called, one of the wife's numbers was switched off while the other number was picked by some person who claimed to not know her and that this was his new number. Pradeep, who lodged the complaint, was also not reachable on the phone.

46 LPG cylinders go missing from godown

Thirteen days after a theft inside his godown, 36-year-old Ankur Goel realised that only a police complaint could do him justice. Therefore, he lodged an FIR on January 26 about a theft that occurred in his warehouse 13 days earlier.

According to his complaint, he received a shipment of 150 LPG cylinders at his Roopenagrahara godown on January 13. However, when he checked the goods again the next day, 46 cylinders were missing.

In his report, Ankur has indicated that he suspects three of his ex employees who quit his company: Sanjith, Tapas and Nipul. He has asked the cops to trace them and recover his stolen goods.

Don't keep your laptop in car; two people learnt this lesson, the hard way!

On January 22, at around 3.45pm, 30-year-old Sudarshan Raghunath was shocked to find his Lenovo laptop, two bank cards and his passport missing from his car seat.

He had parked his Hyundai Asset car at 3.45pm last Tuesday in front of CPWD quarters on 27th Main Road to shop at Health & Glow. However, when he came back at 4.45pm, the front passenger window was broken and his laptop bag with his belongings was nowhere to be seen.

The resident of of Somasundrapalya has learnt a bitter lesson not to keep his belongings in the car while stepping out. The thieves are watching out for such belongings to steal.

Two days later, Balchandra Bandi, a 38-year-old engineer and a resident of Murugeshpalya was the next victim. He had parked his car on 16th Cross, Sector 6, in front of Syndicate Bank at around 8pm on Thursday, January 24. By the time he came back at 9pm, the thief or thieves had employed the same modus operandi as the previous incident. They had broken the front side passenger window and stolen his laptop bag containing his HP Elite laptop.

Two diners learnt a lesson the hard way when they stepped out to have dinner at two different locations in HSR Layout only to find their car belongings missing when they returned after their sumptuous experience. Click HERE for more details.


One HSR non-profit keeps this tree park, clean and pristine!

Amazed that there is a tree park right around HSR Layout? Well, there is one near Freedom International School in Sector 4. But did you know that one local NGO has been keeping it clean for the last three years?

Only last week, it was cleaned yet again by Kaagaz Foundation. "It gets filled with garbage due to BBMP's secondary collection point," says trustee Kavitha Reddy. Almost every three months, we get it cleaned. In the next tree plantation season, we should be adding 30 more saplings."

The quarterly cleanup sometimes has volunteers, but it's mostly done with the help of labourers.

New garbage transfer station in HSR to resolve resident complaints!

The ugly, stinking and ever-polluting secondary collection point on the service road of Outer Ring Road in Sector 4 will soon be been moved to under the 14th Main BDA flyover. This is in accordance with the norms of garbage disposal and collection.

The residents are much pleased with this latest move by the BBMP. It's off-road, out of sight and there is no garbage on ground. The leachate and waste is cleared after the transfer of garbage every day, leaving no trace of the waste.

Happy Republic Day and have a great weekend!

Cool things to do in and around HSR this Sunday!

Strength Finder
10:30am onwards
Atta Galatta, Koramangala, near Jyothi Nivas College
Did you know that all of us are born with 34 unique talents. But sadly, most people do not even realize that. Hence, these talents go unnoticed from the Cradle to the Cubicle to the Casket. What a waste! Don't let that be your story. Look within & discover your hidden talents & abilities that may have been under-used or abandoned. Re-ignite lost passion. Shine in your career & in your personal lives. Step into 2019 with higher roles & goals. Embrace the New Year with a New You.

Personalized Acrylic/Knife painting
Studio Pepperfry, 491, 17th Cross Road, 27th Main Rd, Sector 2, HSR Layout
Rs 2000 onwards

This is for the one who wants to learn authenticated knife and Acrylic painting, so-called personalized session. No previous experience of art is required. It is applicable for all ages. All materials will be provided to you and you will take back a big massive finished painting. Materials include Acrylic paints, brushes, palette knives, pencil, tracing sheet and canvas. About Kalpesh, the tutor: Artist by passion and engineer by profession. Conducting his 107th workshop. Loves to engage and propagate art.

Hip-Hop Steps
7 SHADES Dance Music And Fitness Studio, 1176, 24th Main Rd, Garden Layout, Sector 2, HSR Layout
Rs 299

Don't be moody, just shake your booty! Stumble or balter but do the HIP-HOP DANCE! Explore your dancing side. This is your stage for umpteen possibilities, don't fear if you've two left feet as this class is to the stir the beginner dancer in you. About the host: Cyclone is a B-Boying and hip-hop artist who is performing for five years. He teaches in one of the biggest Hip-hop Studios, Hip Hop India.

Landscape Painting Party
Baithak, 1660, 27th Main Rd, Parangi Palaya, Sector 2, HSR Layout
Rs 1349 onwards

Time to bring out the creative side of you. Go join them in a painting party and take home your own painting. Rejuvenate yourself, paint with fun and do something different on weekend. Canvas + Colors + Brushes + step by step guidance + beverage+ fun = a beautiful masterpiece.

Finger Painting Workshop
3pm onwards
Zee5 Loft, 436, 18th Main Road, 80 Feet Road, 6th Block Koramangala

Ditch your brushes this Sunday, as Bangalore Drawing Room brings you the Finger Painting Workshop, a great relaxation break! Watch your paintings flourish with life when you follow simple finger painting techniques that let the paint do the work. Loosen up and get your hands dirty! Unleash your creativity and create your very own masterpiece. Art supplies are taken care of. And the best part? Painters, beginners & nonpainters all are welcome, no experience in drawing and painting is needed. Oh yes, you get to carry the painting home! The best part is, they have the best quality paints from Faber Castell. While it is a relaxation exercise, finger painting is also known as a classic form of meditative "play" therapy.

World's first super hero: Hanuman
5:30pm onwards
Atta Galatta, Koramangala, near Jyothi Nivas College
This story makes us re-visit to A 600-year-old classic. It is about how Mayil Ravana abducts Sita; Rama's wife, and how in retaliation Rama arrives at Lanka to rescue Sita with his Vanarasena (an army of monkeys). Amongst all of these, Vanars one is a super-hero and his name is Hanuman! This story will make us realize that about one Super-hero Hanuman becomes a key character. The story telling is presented by Harish Bhuvan. He is the founder and director of Gratitude Listening Circle and Compassionate Clowns. Ticket: Rs 100/per person (parents have to buy ticket too).

The Breakfast Comedy Show
Atta Galatta, Koramangala, near Jyothi Nivas College
Rs 100
Are you a Morning Person? They care about you. Come be a part of a show where some of Bangalore's best comics try their new material.

The Mic-Drop
Enerjuvate Studio and Cafe, 82, 7th Cross Rd, KHB Block, Koramangala 4th Block

New and upcoming Comedians from Bangalore bring their own Perspective on life and other things. Come be a part of this show and your evening promises to be the one to remember.

Joke It Off
Howlin Wolf, No.170 Sector - 7, 9th Main Rd, Sector 7, HSR Layout

Joke it off is the best way for you to close your weekend with upcoming comedians in Bangalore. Come join us at Howlin wolf a global bistro that has exciting cuisine to offer. We’ll be waiting to add a nice finishing touch to your weekend.

Laughs Over Latte
Zee5 Loft, 436, 18th Main Road, 80 Feet Road, 6th Block, Koramangala

If laughing out loud is your thing, join us for an evening of scrumptious meals with the best of the local stand-up acts.


Saturday events: Flower show, food fest, storytelling & standup comedy!

You’ve got the power - Story session for children
5pm, Atta Galatta, Koramangala, near Jyothi Nivas College
A Storywallahs evening. Stories from near and stories from far. Stories of them and of us. Stories of power and of strength. Of perseverance and of courage. Here comes Storywallahs again to weave stories to your young powerful ones. Age 4 years and plus. It is a free event.

Listeners' Circle - Edition 9 - Tell Your Story
5:30pm, Atta Galatta, Koramangala, near Jyothi Nivas College
A Discussion: Ever wondered how it feels to take an hour out of your fast-paced life and tell your story to people who listen to you without judging? Also, listen to the stories of others without judging. This event is an initiative to make that happen.

World of Stories
Swabhimaana Tree Park, 15th B Main, 19th Cross, Sector 3, HSR Layout
209th Republic Day Flower Show
Till Jan 27, 9.30am onwards
Lalbagh (3 entrances)
₹20 Onwards

The Department of Horticulture and the Mysore Horticulture Society are conducting two horticultural shows every year since 1922. The shows were earlier called 'Summer Show' and 'Winter Show'. However, since 1951 these shows are being called 'Republic Day' and 'Independence Day Flower Shows' and held coinciding with the National Festivals. The Lalbagh Flower Show has not only made its mark at the National level but has also become popular internationally. The show comprises an exhibition of potted plants, Pushpabharati Art, Thai Art, Jannur, Ikebana, Bonsai, and vegetable carving. In addition, decorative gardening competitions are conducted as part of the show. The Glass House in which important flowers are exhibited was constructed as a Flower Conservatory and Exhibition House in 1889. The exhibition consists of more than 85 varieties of seasonal flowers, such as Medinilla, Curcuma, Anthorium, Orchids, Vinka, Bougainvilla, Impatience, Lilly, Agapanthus, Heliconia, Beonia, Coronation, Gulaabi, Cycloman, Petunia, Pinecitea, Delia and cold climate flowers and plants.

MTR Karnataka Food Festival - Karunadu Swada
Till Jan 27, 11.30am-11pm
St Johns Auditorium, Opposite BDA Complex, Koramangala
₹300 onwards

Rediscover one of the oldest surviving cuisines of India through MTR Foods’ iconic food festival – Karunada Swada. 6 different regional cuisines, more than a 100 dishes come together to create this gastronomical delight.

Nishant Tanwar Live
6pm onwards
Opus Club, No 26, Harlur Main Road, Near HP Petrol Station, Ambalipura, Sarjapur

Nishant Tanwar is not cool, He is 'MahaCool'. He has performed in 12 countries including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Netherlands to name a few. He was featured on Comedy Central Asia in 2016. He is never out of funny stories and life experiences as he takes digs at stereotypes and weird things that happen around us. Nishant has a unique style of storytelling and his humor is universal - connecting with all segments of people breaking social and age group barriers. With over 1,00,000 followers on Facebook and viral videos with over a million views, He enjoys a massive fan following.

Prashasti Singh and Devesh Dixit
8pm onwards
That Comedy Club, 2nd floor,46, 4th B Cross Road, 5th Block, Koramangala
₹299 Onwards

That Comedy Club (Bengaluru's 1st Comedy Club) brings to you hilarious nights of stand-up comedy with Prashasti Singh and Devesh Dixit. Put your laughing pants on!

Saturday Comedy Dose 4.0
Bearfoot Cafe, 465C, 17th G Main Rd, Koramangala, 6th Block
A HINGLISH show where comedians will be performing BAREFOOT literally. Witness the best local talents from the Bangalore circuit do their old and new jokes. The anecdotes and life stories will make you ROFL. The lineup boasts of 10 experienced and fresh talents alike. A great kick start to your weekend with some delicious food.

Republic Day Comedy Shots
5pm & 7pm
Enerjuvate Studio and Cafe, 82, 7th Cross Rd, KHB Block, Koramangala 4th Block

Comedy shots brings you a hilarious line up of comics who’ll make sure your Republic Day ends on a Happy note. Come on down with friends, family, enemies, random strangers, or by yourself for an absurd, edgy, and funny evening.

Republic Day Special
Grapevine, 43, 22nd Cross Road, Sector 3, HSR Layout

What do you wish to do on a Republic Day apart from sitting and watching the parade and eating ladoo?
Well, the hilarious Chirayu Mistry from Gujarat is in town and he will be joking around with the local star, Joteen Patro.
These 2 extremely witty comedians will leave you with painkillers in your hand after the show. Also, Grapevine has some really wonderful wine and vibe.
See you on the other side. :)

Late Night Comedy At TCC
11pm onwards
That Comedy Club, 2nd floor,46, 4th B Cross Road, 5th Block, Koramangala
If you don’t like sleeping, and love comedy, come watch this after hours show.

Just Another Talk Show with Sundeep Rao
MyBoTree, 3rd floor, 5th Cross Road, 25, 60 Feet Road, KHB Block Koramangala

Join the host Sundeep as he shares stories about life and the world alongside his guest - Nikhil Barua - founder of The Humming Tree and Viren Khanna - Bangalore's nightlife pioneer.

The Rational Pagalkhana - A Weekend Comedy Event
PagalKhana, 612/1,Lotus Building, 3rd Floor, 80 Feet Rd,4th Block, Koramangala 4th Block
The Blackbuck Comedy in association with PagalKhana Koramangala brings you a comedy event with finest comics from Bengaluru comedy scene to sustain your weekend high. Eight of the Bengaluru’s rising comics will share their perspective on life, metro, and life in a metro to make you chuckle, giggle, LOL, ROFL, SNL.

Your wet waste is being turned into biogas and organic fertilisers!

There is some confusion over BBMP's rule of 10 kilos or 50 units rule. Some apartment owners in Somasundrapalya are saying that they are using a commercial service provider even though they are less than 20 units. BBMP sources in HSR Ward say that such cases are happening in the neighbouring 190 ward of MG Palya.

Resident activist Kavitha Reddy believes that this idea of having separate vendors for commercial and domestic users by the BBMP is a money-making racket to inflate costs of waste collection. "It's a totally stupid idea. My point is if two vehicles are coming on the same road, one to collect from houses and another to collect from apartments, it sounds silly."

"We have to wait and see the final proposal," says resident S Sankar. "Earlier, it was considered as 50 units and above. But again at ward wise, 20 units and above is given to an exclusive vendor by the corporator. I am not sure if this will be continued or do we have to opt for approved vendors from BBMP. If that’s the case, the apartment owners might have to pay more."

"In HSR, apartments that are close to 40 or above units are categorised as commercial if the garbage generated is above 10 kilos every day," said HSR health inspector Vinodh GM. "This is only where the entire building is owned by one person as the garbage generated will be considered bulk. However, we do take garbage from flats independently owned by people."

Apartments like 60-flat Aakruthi Silverline in Sector 2 are giving the waste to Hasiru Dala as they are categorised as bulk generators. Many more surrounding apartments like Mahaveer, Manar, and DSR Rainbow are also handing their waste to commercial garbage vendors, and have had no problems with them.

However, there is still some issue with the neighbouring Ward 190. "In apartments, no daily collection happens anyway. The wet waste and reject waste collection is only once in 2-3 days and dry waste is once a week," says Sankar. "Sometimes, all goes together in the same vehicle. This is the state for the last one year. Much discussion was done and supervisor Vasu said that it’s corporator's decision to have different vendors for 20 units and above. Either go with that or go with BBMP-approved vendor which is expensive. This is the state in many of the wards, and there is nothing new."

BBMP officials say that if certain apartments are being categorised as commercial, it could also be because the segregation has not happened. "Commercial vendors take non-segregated waste and apartments find them more convenient," said a BBMP official.

Is the commercial vendor sending the waste to Karnataka Compost Development Corporation (KCDC)? No, they send it to Carbon Masters, a city-based waste to energy startup in Doddaballapur & Malur. The Malur plant was shutdown due to some political interference, but it should re-open soon, according to our sources. "We send 5 tonnes of garbage every day from Ward 174 to the Doddaballapur unit," says Vinodh.


Residents divided over government's 'elevated corridor' plan

There is quite a mixed reaction from people about the state government's proposal for an elevated corridor in the city. While some advocate it vociferously, the others decry the proposal for being a crony capitalism model.

"The answer plainly is efficient public transport," said one resident. "And, in that 'the bus', the most versatile of the modes, is today incapacitated by the archaic Contract Carriage Act, disallowing the genuine public (as different from the "public sector") to come up with solutions - ZipGo being just one. Agreed civic activist Mukunda N: "Yes, it is right that the archaic contract carriage act is one of the main culprits. Because this commuter unfriendly act has a mafia that has developed under it. The bus owners are paying a hefty hafta to the transport department and the traffic police. These agencies have virtually formed a nefarious cartel leading to traffic hazards on a daily basis. BBMP cannot plan for a bus stand for these buses because it is illegal and therefore officially non-existent. This has been going on for more than a few decades. Needs cleaning up fast."

Resident Radhakrishnan chimed in: "Most countries with an efficient public transport system also have an excellent road network. It is a pleasure to drive on those roads. However, the public transport is so good that one chooses to take it. One big factor that works in its favour is good last mile connectivity. So u can’t and should not curtail car usage. Instead make public transport the obvious choice. And at the same time ensuring a good and efficient road network for those choosing to use it. For me that is the way forward."

Koramangala resident activist Nitin Seshadri had this to say: "Totally agree. Bangalore has about 1/3 of the road network it needs. Which means, we need roads and we need them quick. And since we can't get them by widening unless we are prepared to acquire, demolish and inflict misery all around, the only choice is to go vertical. It's not that the 35000 cr elevated roads we are talking about will be a silver bullet. But it's a start. An important step forward. And it's a step we should support."

Nitin does not stop there. "We also have too many people reading from American and European hymnsheets," he says. "Which is why the words like 'induced demand' and 'car driven model' get bandied about. We don't have a single study showing induced demand in India. We don't have a car driven model. At best we have a motor cycle model. (but as I said that sounds less sexy and won't win invitations to seminars in New York, so our academics don't want to go there !)."

HSR Layout's civic activist RS Murthy says that the project conceived over a decade ago should be understood in the right perspective: "Activists must realise the advantages accruing in implementation of this project. All right-thinking Bangaloreans should welcome this decision of the state government. Posterity will remember this. Everyone of us have experienced the inconvenience due to chaotic traffic all over the city's roads. I strongly feel that technical and design suggestions and changes can be resolved with the government across the table. The project must ensure safety and smooth traffic across Bangalore."

Pushpa S has a divergent view on this: "Why not regulate the petrol guzzling, pollution compounding and traffic jamming private vehicles on our roads? Yes, we need roads for so many categories of road vehicles - including buses - but the elevated roads will only cater to the private car owners because of the very nature of their construction! Of course, speedy improvement in public transport - Metro, Surburban Trains, Regular and Dependable Bus Service - are the projects that must be prioritized. After which, as in the other countries, people will prefer to use public transport because it will be less nerve-racking, more comfortable and more convenient and, finally, less expensive, too! That's the way to go, but it doesn't mean that those who are aged and infirm will be prevented from using their personal vehicles at all. It'll just mean that the numbers of pollution-producing vehicles will be brought down, and the resultant air pollution levels will allow us to live reasonably disease-free lives."
But R Ravindra disputes this: "On what basis do you say that only pvt vehicles will use the elevated roads? On the elevated road to electronics city, on Hosur road, all categories of vehicles except for autorickshaws use this road. Do only private cars fuel guzzle fuel or cause pollution? If that is a valid argument, then all vehicles, public or private should be drastically reduced on our roads. But that's obviously not possible. Helicopters as private vehicles are a soft target, hence they are relentlessly hammered. But they are hardly the elephant in the room! Incidentally, taxis and autorickshaws are also public transport. In Bangalore, Ola and Uber - to name just the biggies - contribute hugely to public transport."

There is news that buses which have a carrying capacity of about 16 times (average) that of a private car cannot use these corridors. But nothing is concrete yet. Says Ravindra: "There have been suggestions that buses be allowed on these elevated roads, with appropriate bus bays/ stops, with access to grade level below. Its improbable that there will be kilometres-long elevated roads in both the axes of the city and buses not be allowed on them. It will be hugely unpopular and governments are populist if nothing else. I think it is but fair to let the Karnataka government unveil its detailed plans for improvement of road infrastructure, examine its pros and cons in a pramatic manner before making pronouncements."

But architect Naresh Narasimhan doesn't think buses will be allowed on this corridor. "Buses need to stop every 1.5-2 kms (like metro), but that means a up/down ramp or an ugly elevated station( a la Metro)... it will never happen," he says.

Gayatri Kapur had another take on this: "Buses from point to point on elevated roads is not a bad thing ... if we can get from Silk Board to Hebbal in 30 min by bus, many would gladly use it instead of the car, but if the bus stops every 1.5-2km on the corridor, and it takes 1.5-2 hours, then how many will drop private cars?" And this is precisely why some residents feel that buses should not be allowed to have so many stops on the corridor, if they are allowed at all.

Nitin says, "This thought process of #beda (saying 'no') all the way is regressive. Build the infra. Stop further IT parks and large buildings in Bangalore. Build public transport and then disincentivize."

Ravindra agrees to this by saying, "Absolutely. Go the Mysuru way - they didn't become Bangalore's clone and hence Mysuru is still a livable city."

With arguments coming both in favour and against the elevated corridor project, the residents are asking the government to thrash out the differences, get the best experts from both sides and have a neutral jury to give their verdict on this proposal. Suffice it to say that the venerable Indian Institute of Science has questioned the usefullness of the project. Not to mention, the environmental impact of erecting a 102-kilometre six-lane elevated corridor criss-crossing the city. The argument continues while the people suffer from traffic chaos and 'moderate' pollution levels across the city.

Now government school students around HSR will get to drink pure water!

The water purification unit installed at Agara Govt School

Biocon, B.PAC (Bangalore Political Action Committee) and HSR Layout's Kaagaz Foundation have paid and installed water purification units in six government schools in and around HSR Layout. Only a few days ago, the sixth one was installed at the Agara Government School. All the logistics and planning was done by the HSR-based non-profit group.

A month ago, the units were installed in Govt PU College and Govt Degree College in HSR Layout. In the last week, the other schools got them too - Somasundrapalya Govt School, Bandepalya Govt School, Ellukunte Govt School and Agara Govt School. Each unit costed Rs 60,000, taking up the total cost of the installation to Rs 3.6 lakh.

Friday events: Workshop, nightlife & comedy!


Managing teenagers
10am onwards
Atta Galatta, Koramangala, near Jyothi Nivas College
Rs 500
Are you a parent of a teenager or your child is in pre-adolescent stage? Do you observe the below mentioned change in their behaviour pattern? Emotional outbursts, back answering, lagging behind in studies, complaints are coming from school, not following house rules, social media attraction, lack of discipline, distracted, spending more time with peers, using inappropriate language, puzzled with career choices, unhappy with the school, and so on. As a parent are you confused, unable to connect and manage your adolescent? Then this workshop is for you.

DJ Hassan Spinning live
8pm onwards
Opus Club, No 26, Harlur Main Road, Near HP Petrol Station

Get ready for the Bollywood and Punjabi madness. It's DJ Hassan taking over the console and setting the floor ablaze with some non-stop BDM chart-busters. BDM - Punjabi Music, valet parking available, and concert lookalike setup.

Parking New Jokes
9pm onwards
Krazy Factory, 150/1/2, Hosur Main Road, Kaveri Layout, Koramangala 5th Block
₹149 onwards

Hippo Laugh Club presents a comedy open mic where six hilarious comedians will make you all laugh your lungs out with their creative jokes, new thoughts and life stories. Come and enjoy this night full of new premises and punchlines, along with the host of the night, a very hilarious man, Ketan.

Popsies Comedy Open Mic
8.30pm onwards
Popsies, Door No.11, 4th-C Cross, 5th Block, Industrial Layout, Behind HDFC Bank, Koramangala, 5th Block
A comedy open mic where local comedians will be testing their old and new jokes. This is going to be a fun night with experimental ideas. Come and support the making of great jokes. The room holds only limited number of people. Book your slots asap.

Republic Day HA HA HA
8.30pm onwards
Nuts Over Salads Cafe, 60 Feet Road, KHB Block Koramangala, 5th Block, Koramangala

Hello People! When the whole country is so serious and offended about everything these days, let's be a true patriot and celebrate the republic day laughing together. After all, Deshbhakti is just not about shouting on news shows angrily.

2 Comics and a Mic
9pm onwards
That Comedy Club, 2nd floor,46, 4th B Cross Road, 5th Block, Koramangala
₹299 onwards

A hilarious night of stand-up comedy with Aamer Peeran and Gautham Govindan. Put your laughing pants on!

Comedy Crunches
8.30pm onwards
Dialogues Cafe, 41, 17th Main, 100 Feet Road, Koramangala 4th Block

Served at a very reasonable price will be a hilarious comedy by some of the best comedians in Bangalore.

Captured on CCTV: Auto rams into parked car in Sector 4

The other day, HSR resident Suresh Bhaskaran's car was damaged due to an errant auto driver. Captured on CCTV, it clearly shows him colliding with his white car neatly parked in front of his house. His wife is also seen in the video. Before she could raise a voice, the auto driver takes a U-turn and flees.

Says Suresh: "The auto rickshaw fellow was probably looking into his mobile navigation and crashed into our parked car. Sensing that only my wife was there, he just drove away." He has also lodged a police complaint. However, even though the act was captured on CCTVs, the number plate was not traceable due to the sun's reflection. "The police officials advise that the moment such guys crash into your vehicles, you should take off their ignition key. I don’t think it’s practical with their rough behaviour. All I would say is that it is a thin line to be human, legal and ethical."

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Citizen creates a stand to place several garbage bins
HSR resident faces privacy and spam issue from Aadhaar glitch

Kamesh Rastogi, a resident of Sector 2, HSR Layout, is mighty inconvenienced by repetitive emails he keeps getting everytime someone uses their Aadhaar for any transaction. The truth is that his email ID is mapped to another person's email ID. Despite repeated requests to UIDAI, there is no respite despite months of follow-up.

"Perhaps, it's the similarity in names. My name is KR Soni and the other person's name is Krithika Kumar Soni," says Kamesh. "However, I am getting notifications whenever I use my Aadhaar and also when she uses hers. One email id is mapped for one aadhaar card, not two... so this is a glaring error that has been going on for many months now. I have sent 2-3 emails to UIDAI, but they haven't fixed the problem yet. Finally, I had to post my grievance to their Twitter ID. It appears to be a simple case but they don't seem to understand it."

Residents show their green thumbs to tweetathon on #MyGreenHabit

From January 13 to 18, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India, invited residents to tweet about their green habits to inspire the others. With the theme of 'My Green habit', there were many residents who shared their daily routines. One of them happened to be Pinky Chandran, a resident of Teacher's Colony and the co-founder of a community radio station in Bangalore. To know more about her many accomplishments, read our detailed profile on her HERE.

Coming back to the Swach Sarvekshan campaign, this is what Pinky shared on Twitter: "MyGreenHabit #1: Composting at home. As an individual, I think it is extremely important to reduce valuable resources going into the dumpyard/landfill. I am using the HoneyBee composter. My Green Habit #2: Flower collection from the streets. This makes for excellent compost. My #3 habit is to grow my kitchen garden. Eat healthy, eat seasonal food. Opt for a farmers market. I also carry my own bottle, coffee mug, plate, spoon, straw and cloth bag, container, while traveling within the city or outside. Similarly, takeaways is my own dabba. That's not all. I also make my own natural cleaners - Orange and lemon peels along with soapnut and salt. It's healthy, safe, and guilt free."

Dentist Bhairavi Joshi shared her habit: "I cycle to work and carry a cloth bag everywhere. I use compost at home, and use steel glasses and suction tips in my clinic. My best was to collect all the bottles of Valsad Marathon and turn them into dustbins."
HRD professional Amit Madan had this to say: "For weekend shopping, I carry at least half a dozen cloth/ jute bags and refuse plastic bags offered by grocery stores, fruit & vegetable vendors! I also carry spare cloth/jute bag on a daily basis while leaving for office!"

Palak is recycling pens in the same manner: "I haven't been throwing pens once they're finished ever since I started using pens. I get them refilled. It started because some pens were too pretty to throw, but later I realised how it was actually eco-friendly." In addition, she keeps three different sets of dustbins for various types of garbage. "It is not only important to throw garbage into the bin, but to throw the garbage in the correct bin so that garbage disposal is done efficiently!"

Tulika Shukla reuses plastic bottles and how! This picture says it all.

And who better than composting queen Vani Murthy, an urban farmer, to have the last word on this: "Composting needs no excuses, space can hardly be a constraint. In my small balcony I have so many Composting systems. Both aerobic and anaerobic." And how can we forget the series of green campaigns by the ministry on green habits? Check out the video.

VIDEO: Fire in apartment on Sarjapur Road

Here is the video of the apartment on Sarjapur Road that caught fire yesterday.

Accidents on 24th Main, Sarjapur Road and Bellandur flyover

This morning's mishap on Sarjapur Road after Wipro

This morning, there was an accident involving a water tanker and a cyclist on Sarjapur Road, after the Wipro office. "We need water and we need regulation of water tankers," says a member of Bellandur Jothige, an apolitical group of residents working towards ensuring civic amenities for the residents. "Else, the cost we pay for water may prove too high: accidents and lives."

Yesterday, there was another accident, this time on Bellandur flyover when a tipper lorry rammed into a car from behind at around 9.30am.

Dinu Anand (28 years) was driving his car on the flyover towards the Silk Board when Chinnappa, a tipper lorry driver collided his vehicle with Dinu's car, significantly damaging the back portion of his vehicle. The HSR cops have registered a case of rash driving against the lorry driver.

Forty-year-old Nithin Singh was involved in an accident on 24th Main near Maramma temple at around 8.15pm.

The resident of Kudlu was riding on his Honda activa scooter and headed towards Parangipalya when another two wheeler rider rammed into his vehicle from behind and scooted without stopping to check what happened. The impact was such that Nithin fell of his bike and injured his face and left leg. Looking at the blood wounds, the onlookers took him to the nearest NH Narayana hospital for first aid. Later, he was taken to Sakra hospital where his leg was operated upon. The cops have registered a case of rash driving and causing hurt in addition to fleeing without providing medical help to the victim.

Diners step out of restaurants to find valuables stolen from car

27th Main and 17th Cross witnessed two thefts last Sunday

Last Sunday, two diners in HSR lost valuables worth thousands of rupees when they parked their car and went to dine at restaurants nearby.

Thirty-two-year-old Rajat Bhat, a resident of Purva Fairmont apartments on 24th Main in Sector 2 lost items worth Rs 50,000 when he went out to eat at a restaurant near Pepperfry Studio. On January 20, at around 8.30pm, he parked his car opposite Pepperfry Studio on 17th Cross in Sector 2 and stepped out to eat at a nearby restaurant. When he came back at 10pm, the rear passenger window was broken and his laptop and wallet containing ID cards, bank cards and jewellery, all the items being worth Rs 50,000.

Nitin Tom Paul, a 27-year-old resident of Huskur was in for a shock when he went out to dinner last Sunday.

He had parked his Honda Jazz car in front of Bricky's restaurant on 27th Main and went inside to have dinner at around 9.15pm. When he came out at 10.45pm, somebody had broken the passenger side of the window and stolen the Apple MacBook pro 15-inch laptop and the bag kept on the seat.

The HSR cops advise everyone to not keep anything valuable inside the car and venture out. Don't even keep an empty laptop bag, because some thieves broken the window glass and stole that too in one such incident two years ago.

The cops have registered a case of theft in both the cases and are investigating.

Controversial 'secondary collection point' on ORR to be relocated

The issue of secondary collection point (SCP) on the service road of Outer Ring Road reached a flash point the other day. The amount of garbage removed from the service road that is home to Mantri Sarovar apartments went on to show the extent to which the drains are regularly being clogged by garbage, sludge and leachate.

"The entire stretch from Agara Flyover to BDA Flyover both sides of the Service road is filled with garbage," says resident activist Kavitha Reddy. "The drains are choked to the brim with garbage, and on the BDA flyover side is the SCP, where the leachate enters the drain or is just stagnating on the road that eventually enters the Agara Lake inlets!"

The residents have repeatedly suggested to the BBMP that the SCP has to be shifted as its only adding to more problems as people dump more and more waste on the road side. "There are four educational institutes in a 50-meter radius and a lake in 75-meter radius," reasons Reddy. "The tourist buses add to the misery as they clean the buses on both sides of the service road and push out huge amount of garbage from the buses on to the roads. I have also requested BBMP many times to issue notices to all travel agencies and warn them not to park buses on the service road."

Though HSR is blessed with an efficient health inspector in Vinodh GM, he cannot do much except apply band aid whenever the problem of garbage spillage occurs on ORR. "If HSR is doing 95% segregation as some groups in HSR claim, then there is no need for an SCP? The waste can be directly dumped into the compactor on any of the main roads without garbage being dropped on the road?"

However, BBMP officials say that the problem will remain even if the SCP is removed. "The sludge from tourist buses and BWSSB will continue to clog the drains," says health inspector Vinodh GM. "At the SCP, there is no segregation being done. The dry waste is being sent to the dry waste centre and the wet waste goes into the compactor. However, while this is being done, the leachate enters the drain. This problem will be resolved in two months as a tender is called to relocate the SCP."

Another problem is the 200-metre drain along the service road that has the stamp of Gail Gas. "We have not touched this stretch as it has installed high pressure gail gas. Otherwise, we would have made a temporary drain to deal with the leachate. As far as the tourist buses are concerned, it's the job of the traffic police to ensure that no parking happens on the service road."

Footpath encroachments removed on 27th Main Road

Several footpath encroachments by eateries and street vendors were removed by the BBMP in the last few days, and more will follow in HSR Layout and Mangammanapalya Main Road.

"We removed 14 shops on 27th Main Road in our last drive, and more will follow," said Vinodh GM, health inspector, BBMP.


70 closure notices issued to basement shops; Bansuri Sweets shut down

We have been campaigning against basement eateries as they are a major fire hazard that would risk human lives. This illegal activity is also against the landmark Karnataka High Court order against restaurants of more than two decades ago.

Finally, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has listened, or so it appears. In HSR Layout, the civic authority has so far issued 70 closure notices against basements establishments, be it shops or restaurants, including the new eateries that have opened: Wicked Cup and Charcoal Eats on 27th Main Road, which we reported about yesterday.

After several stories on basements eateries in Residents Watch, the BBMP has been shutting down basement eateries over the last year. The first to go was Raghavendra Coffee House on 24th Main Road, and the next was Truffles on 27th Main Road. However, despite our constant mentions, Bansuri Sweets was never shutdown despite being issued multiple closure notices by the BBMP. However, this eatery on 27th Main Road is finally shut down.

Agreed that the shopkeepers are losing money, but they should not have been ignorant of the law. The moral of the story is this: Just because other businesses are conducting their business illegally does not mean you can too. If the axe of the law falls, it will fall on everybody; some might get it sooner like Raghavendra Coffee House, and some late, like Bansuri Sweets. But the axe will fall eventually. Therefore, we urge every contractor, engineer, and landlord to ensure the basements are meant for parking and there are enough setbacks to ensure the fire-safety of its inhabitants. There should not be any fire mishap like it happened last year in the Paatra Bhandaar building on 27th Main Road.

Avoid Hosur Lashkar Road; white-topping in progress

Expect slow moving traffic from the checkpost to Anepalya on Hosur Lashkar Road. White-topping work is in progress on this road, causing the delay. White-topping essentially means laying a four to six inches of concrete on top of the existing tarred surface of the road. This supposedly brings down the wear and tear of the road and leads to fewer potholes.

The traffic police, therefore, is diverting vehicle movement at Adugodi junction towards Mico Bande and MG Road. Towards this end, there is no right turn at Anepalya towards Mico Bande. You will have to take the right turn at Adugodi junction towards Dairy Circle.

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ORR Service Road clogged with garbage yet again!

Air was more pure from 2pm-6pm on Sunday!

Yesterday being a Sunday, the air pollution recorded at the pollution monitor stationed closest to HSR Layout, near Silk Board, showed healthy levels between 2pm and 6pm.

However, at 7pm, the level shot up past the safety mark of 100 to reach a 'moderate' level of pollution, which is unhealthy for sensitive groups like people with respiratory or heart disease, the elderly and children.

The Air Quality Index (AQI) is higher when converted from ug/m3, the measurement used by the Central Pollution Control Board that has installed these monitors across the city. The highest pollution in the last 24 hours was recorded at 8am today - 170 AQI. This is unhealthy for everyone and not just those who are sensitive to air pollution.

Cops level road dug up by Gail Gas; FIR lodged against engineer

In a rare case of a Gail gas engineer being booked for inconveniencing the public, the HSR traffic police has achieved a one-of-a-kind feat. When residents called up the cops to complain that the road in front of Motherhood hospital on Sarjapur Road was dug up and left as it is by Gail Gas, the cops rushed to the place the next day to fix it as traffic movement was badly affected.

The call from the resident came on the morning of January 17. However, the cops acted on this complaint on January 18 when traffic movement was majorly hindered. Therefore, assistant sub inspector Narayanappa C got his people to smoothen the road surface for vehicles to move.

Since the Gail gas officials had run away from their duties, a case is lodged against the supervising engineer of the company. The case is filed under Section 283 of the Indian Penal Code that relates to violation of 'no parking' rules.

Despite closure notices; two more basement eateries come up on 27th Main

Charcoal Eats is a chain of eateries and yet they are ignorant of the law

Wicked Cup is next to Charcoal Eats

Despite shutting down a few basement eateries in the last few months, there are two more new eateries that have come up on 27th Main Road. This is despite 36 closure notices being issued by the BBMP to basement businesses on this road alone.

Incidentally, Charcoal Eats is a chain of eateries. The residents are wondering how such a franchisee store is unaware of the basic rules of operating a business. "It is this 'chalta hai' attitude that has congested roads and also threatened lives of people," said one resident on condition of anonymity. "There was a fire mishap at Patra Bhandaar building on 27th Main, but the BBMP did not take action despite media reports."

Compared to basement shops that are only encroaching the space meant for parking, the eateries are violating the Karnataka High Court order of more than a decade ago that does not allow kitchens in basements as it violates fire-safety norms.

Water supply in HSR Layout will be unaffected on Tue & Wed

There will be no Cauvery water supply in most parts of Bangalore on January 22 and 23, according to a BWSSB press release. However, HSR Layout is insulated from it.

The closest area to be affected will be BTM Layout and Madiwala. However, the residents are not too sure that it may not affect them. "As it is, we get water once in two or three days, so what's the guarantee that they will deliver on a day most of Bangalore isn't receiving it?" asked Rajesh A, one disturbed resident of HSR.

However, the BWSSB officials reiterated that HSR Layout is unaffected by the shutdown. "The water supply to HSR will be as it was earlier... once in two or three days," said one official.

Compost and grow

We are announcing this a week in advance, so you can plan accordingly. Organised by the people behind India's first learning centre on composting in HSR Layout, this is the need of the hour. Garbage is an issue worldwide, and the only way we can make a difference is if we compost wet waste at home, wherever it's possible. For any clarifications and more details, you can call the numbers given in the graphic above.