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Power Trend @Dhayanithi
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I m not SEBI register
roboqk trade @rajivkumarjha
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view for my personnel record purpose👈
PARAG14 BTST FUT Etc @parag14idbtstetc
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Trusted Calls on FUT IntraDay(ID), BTST, Etc..Analysis is My PASSION..All my views are only for STUDY and INFORMATION Purpose..* BEFORE TRADING WITH CALLS, PLZ TAKE ADVICE OF YOUR OWN FINANCIAL ADVISOR. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY GAIN/LOSSFor Regular calls, contact or message me on WHATSAPP..
123 @H1qgpdu6X
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Market analyser @Faster
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Game changer
24x7 @rohit-S1ih7wXXE
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VijayK @jettavijay
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I am a registered finacial advisor and broker,I ❤️ trading and investing. I am not a SEBI registered Analyst. I am a learner and trader i post my views👀 which are only for educational📖 purpose..Feel free to contact me for finacial planning.
Uttam @uttam-SJWFN-DK4
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Yuvraj @yuvraj-Hk2WlW3L4
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I m not SEBI REGISTER, All calls & Advises for Education purpose only
Ankit kumar from GujaratOur Team 12 Year Experience of Stock & Mcx Market AnalysisWE STRICTLY MAINTAIN 80% ABOVE ACCURACY ALWAYSDaily 1 Trade In 1 Segment With Sl & TGT 100% Intraday 80% Accurate Trade PLZ Note:- 30 Trading Day 7-8 Stop Loss Possible, 100% Accuracy Not Possible
Riddler @riddler
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Avid stock market enthusiast
DHARAM RAJ @dharamraj
M K @mk-rJYw6bMkB
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Yugal @yugal-HJTAoLKvN
Jagjeet @jagjeet
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MCX / Futures trader.
kiran  @kiran-HkDVMlTZ4
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Kalyan @kalyanch
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There is no 100% guarantee in stocks. For same stock, one give BUY and other give SELL. only 1 is correct. one looser, other gainer. Always trade with amount you are ready to lose.
Rhn525474 @rhn525474