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123's Posts
123 replied to Concept4MoneyMaking's post

Which month contract
Mar 11 10:58 AM
123 replied to King Harry's post

Bogus guy. All ur stoploss hit. And then you call your self king harry
Mar 8 7:54 AM
123 replied to King Harry's post

This is going up. What to do. Hold or exit
Mar 8 7:18 AM
123 replied to Elliott Wave's post

Now send new chart for down side target sir
Feb 11 6:09 AM
123 replied to Qazi Tanzeem's post

U ment don’t apply sl
Jan 24 4:52 AM
123 replied to Fast Move's post

Feb futures is it
Jan 19 11:50 AM
123 replied to Money Maatu With Vinay's post

Send your contact Vinay in inbox
Jan 18 8:17 AM
123 replied to Bhajan lal Kunjam's post

Target plz
Jan 18 4:46 AM
123 replied to Sowjanya's post

Target plz
Jan 17 3:58 AM
123 replied to AncientStock's post

Explain the chart sir
Jan 17 3:23 AM
123 replied to shubha's post

Target plz
Jan 17 3:10 AM
123 replied to Atharva Avhad's post

Sir I hold CE 230 at 10 rs. Plz advice can I hold and if the stock is positive till when I can exit
Jan 16 4:32 AM
123 replied to Madan's post

Futures price sir
Jan 12 4:55 AM
123 replied to PoweR 's post

Huge fall expected. Only sell. Don’t buy
Jan 10 12:24 PM
123 replied to PoweR 's post

Type error. Plz
Correct the call
Jan 7 12:47 PM
123 replied to Billion Club's post

Can you help us with target sir
Jan 7 3:44 AM
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123 replied to PoweR 's post

Give ur positional view in NG
Jan 6 2:08 AM
123 replied to DR Crude's post

What time
Is the inventory
Jan 5 2:47 AM
123 replied to Sanchit's post

Show if it is put or call
Jan 5 6:13 AM
123 replied to Billion Club's post

Target 🎯 plz
Dec 24, 2021 5:15 AM
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