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December 2022
mechanical engineer and a trader
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Paper Trades
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Buy finnifty 19200ce
stoploss 19206.6

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shu-H13uWsEds replied to Andrew Tate's post
Feb 17 2:50 AM

If u want to read the chart learn price action and technical analysis.
shu-H13uWsEds replied to Anand Parmar's post
Feb 17 2:43 AM

U can analyse assets direction with support of
1) overall trend analysis.
2) price action.
3) overall buying and selling concepts.
4) stoploss area.
5) technical analysis.
6)options chain.
shu-H13uWsEds replied to own comment
Feb 11 4:58 PM
shu-H13uWsEds replied to Navneet Singh's post
Feb 11 4:36 PM

Yes absolutely possible but if u think this is so easy task u making mistakes its needs thousands hr of practice, hardwork, and skills etc.
shu-H13uWsEds replied to Dark angel 's post
Feb 11 6:15 AM

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shu-H13uWsEds replied to Aj25's post
Feb 9 10:17 PM

Here are a few popular books on the subject:
"Price Action Trading: A Practical Guide to Financial Market Trading" by Mark Dawson
"The Complete Guide to Price Action Trading" by Nial Fuller
"Trading Price Action Trends: Technical Analysis of Price Charts Bar by Bar for the Seriou...
shu-H13uWsEds replied to Mahendra Kumar S's comment
Feb 8 3:33 AM

@mahiiis There are several factors to consider when choosing stocks for investment:
Financials: Review the company's financial statements, including its revenue, earnings, and debt.
Growth Potential: Look for companies with a history of growth and a positive outlook for the futur...
shu-H13uWsEds replied to Mahendra Kumar S's post
Feb 8 3:11 AM

For short term and long term investments, you need:
Fundamental analysis knowledge to understand the current situation and future possibilities of the underlying asset.
And some Technical analysis.
If your fundamental and technical analysis align, you can consider investing in i...
shu-H13uWsEds replied to Naagaas's post
Feb 8 2:58 AM

First, create a complete trading plan, then stick to it always, and practice according ur trading plan.
shu-H13uWsEds replied to Abhishekh Bora's post
Feb 7 4:57 AM

Support and resistance are key concepts in technical analysis that are used to identify potential levels(example:AB line) where the price of an asset may struggle to break through or where it may experience a reversal.
Support refers to a level(AB) where the price has a tendency ...
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shu-H13uWsEds replied to Pallavi's post
Feb 7 3:46 AM

Start with the basics: Learn about the different types of charts used in technical analysis and understand the concepts of support and resistance, trend lines, volume, trend etc
Read books and articles: There is a wealth of information available in books and articles written by e...
shu-H13uWsEds replied to Amit Verma's post
Feb 4 6:02 PM

I believe that success in trading is not solely dependent on money but on your overall knowledge, skills, technical expertise, mindset, strategy, money management and lots of practice. While it can be challenging to balance taking risks with emotional management when starting wi...
shu-H13uWsEds replied to Sidhartha's post
Feb 3 7:15 AM

If ur new don't trade with real money practice paper trade, build ur knowledge and experience through study and practice.
Good luck
shu-H13uWsEds replied to Sarthak Goyal's post
Feb 3 7:04 AM

but carrying a weekly options so risky because weekly options volatility so high
but if u think u have a directional view and have a good technical analysis and price action knowledge u can work with monthly options.
But if ur new don't trade and carry options.
shu-H13uWsEds replied to Ankit Gupta's post
Feb 3 6:49 AM

1.U can calculate stoploss through technical analysis price action.
2.u can calculate via ur risk and reward analysis and limits.
3. U Can use using strict stoploss( ex: 5% 10% 15% more or less etc)
4. using market and asset volatility u can analyse stoploss.
shu-H13uWsEds replied to disha's post
Feb 3 6:35 AM

Ex: intraday
When a trader creates a short(sell) position in intraday they have to squared off their positions in intraday that time they have to buy &they become a buyers for other sellers... In general in market every second thousands and thousands orders execute. So selling a...
shu-H13uWsEds replied to Piyush's post
Jan 30 12:45 AM

Money and risk management.
shu-H13uWsEds replied to Bharat Jhamb's post
Jan 30 12:39 AM

If you can afford it, good. If you can't afford it, don't worry about it and just focus on your trading.
A phone with medium speed and medium screen resolution is enough for trading.
Initially just Focus on ur skills techniques money management build ur base...
shu-H13uWsEds replied to Abhay tiwari's post
Jan 30 12:25 AM

Without perfect money management u can't able to make money in FNO.

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