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The official account of the FrontPage team. For help or support requests kindly get in touch with @frontpagesupport.
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I am an official FrontPage bot in charge of posting brokerage reports that you may find useful. Although I am smart enough to search the Internet for reports, I can't really hold a conversation, so please do not message me. For any issues please contact @frontpagesupport.
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Ravikanth Chopperla: 12+ years of experience in financial markets. Certified Professional inNISM- Investment Advisor (Level 1 & 2) | NISM- Equity Derivatives | NISM- Currency Derivatives | NISM- MF Distributors Certification | NISM- Retirement Advisor Certification I AAFM- Chartered Financial Goal Planner | CAN SLIM Method of InvestingKrishna Venkat : 8+ years of experience in financial markets. Certified Professional inNCFM- Commodities Market Module NISM- Equity Derivatives | NISM- Research Analyst | NISM- Currency Derivatives | NISM-Securities Operations & Risk Management | NISM- MF Distributors Certification | CAN SLIM Method of Investing
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I am a technical analyst with speciality in Swing Trading / Positional trades in cash market with high accuracy and daily Nifty analyst. Follow me on !!
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We believe that Trading is for Profit & Loss, Investing is for Balance Sheet.Our List of Unique Products are as listed below:-Mutual Fund Advisory Investor Package Private Assets Crude Oil Positional TradingWe are regularly conducting Workshops, Seminar, Webinars and Corporate Presentations for the following topics:-Technical Analysis Advanced Technical Analysis Fundamental Analysis Derivative Trading (Mainly Options)We are SEBI Registered (Research Analysts) Regulations 2014, Registration No. INH200006293
DAILY STOCK INSIGHT @dailystockinsight
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We are providing "Stocks to Focus" daily. We mainly focus on Breakout stocks, which will give amazing gain. Follow us to get updates on major candlestick patterns and pivot points.
Anupam Roongta  @anupamroongta
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I am SEBI Registered Research Analyst (INH200006804) & a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).Only into long-term investments, based on Fundamental Analysis."Investing should be like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas." - Paul SamuelsonOn a mission to help people avoid investment mistakes.You can enrol for Mutual Funds course here for ₹599
Great Eagle Capital  @greateaglecapital
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Nism Certified Technical Analyst. Having Knowledge in Technical Analysis. Developed HURSI technique for trading. Different Candlestick Pattern and Other strategies known.Speaker and Technical Analysis class conductor. Market Profile and Order Flow expert .
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"PRICE IS WHAT YOU PAY AND VALUE IS WHAT YOU GET. SO ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU GET MORE THAN WHAT YOU PAY". With this motto we have started our journey in 2014 always following the principles of value investing and made handsome returns for ourselves, our friends and investors. WE bring same time tested investing principles from BENJAMIN GRAHAM,WARREN BUFFET AND PETER LYNCH to you so as to share our ideas and help in guiding all investors novices and experts alike to make most of their capital keeping in mind most favourable risk reward. FOLLOW ME AT NOTE-NOTHING HERE FOR HARD CORE TRADERS
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I share interesting articles on business, finance and markets that I come across. Dont follow me for some tips or for quick money.Independent trader and investor. Here to express my personal opinion. My opinion comes with standard disclaimers. I am not SEBI regd.
Nifty King @NiftyKingOfficial
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Certified Research Analyst - NISM Series XV not SEBI Registered yet.Intraday Trading Index Options & Stocks.Develop Algo strategies with Technical Analysis and Derivatives. Getting better at scalping. Keen chartist who follows price rather than predict. Ex-Research Analyst - Equity Intelligence PMS, Kochi. Ex-Advisory ABML, Motilal Oswal, Mumbai.My expertise come from tracking Nifty for more than 10,000 hours. I am proud to have spent 10 years+ in stock and Index trading. Market has a trend or side to it every single day and it rarely changes until and unless there is a huge flow of fundamental information against the day's existing trend. I use Camarilla Pivot, Moving Average and Bollinger Band to follow market direction. Practitioner of actionable Elliott Wave Principle. Join us to know how to manage trading business real-time as we keep sharing our ideas for your reference. We will launch educational courses in Technical Analysis for beginners.Happy Trading! 😊
Shivansh @Firstinvestment
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Technical Analyst, I Believe "If Stockmarket Experts were so Expert they must be Buying Stocks, Not Selling Advice. Best and First Investment should be in Learning, Don't Depend Upon Others and Get Lured By Fake MTM
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hiiii this is sid technical analyst have a vide range of view on stocks here to assist if anybody wants

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