There is probability of 50-50% of heads and tails if we toss a coin.
Same logic should be applied in stock market.. right? Randomly do buy sell like tossing a coin.
With coin logic your 50% of trade should be successful.
I have seen many trader's PNL history and their 60-80% trades went right..their winning probability was much more than coin probability still they have lost their money.
What creates difference between coin and stock market?
Simple answer is our own emotions.
When trade goes in our direction we use to book small small profits but when trade goes against us, we use to wait for that entry price for exit and sometimes we do average also and that is the point where we start loosing whatever gained.
Whenever I say "always trade with stoploss" some of the traders say "stoploss is in my mind" .
Trust me mind stoploss doesn't work.
Doesn't matter what is your strategy..every strategy will work if you have proper risk management, stoploss and target.