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Markets Humor 

Help fellow traders de-stress by sharing something funny. Share a joke or meme or video related to markets or investing. Here is one to get you started:

A recently fired stock trader: "This is worse than a divorce, I have lost everything and I still have my wife!" ;)
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SAIL - 1132395
SAIL : CMP 37.70
Resistance 38.90
Support 31.50
If Trend Line Breaks then it will touch 50++ level
If Failed to broke trend line it will fall till 34 level
Weak Below 31
Reputation: 24 • Aug 8 8:05 AM

Markets Humor - chart - 1131822
Day trading an event like a pro!
12:10 pm Das: Allow 90% LTV for gold loans buy banks.
12:15 Traders: Did he say gold loans? LTV increase? Yay BUY Muthoot!!!
12:50 Traders: Is this a trick? Did he say banks only? More LTV means more risk?? Damn short it!!