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Q. Mutual fund portfolio suggestion

Experts, Please review my investment distribution for long term, my age is 32.I generally do lump sum investment when market is not doing good.any suggestion.
Scheme name Percentage (%)
Axis bluechip fund direct plan 25
HDFC Index fund nifty 50 plan direct 10
IDFC Government Securities fund constant maturity 15
Franklin india feeder franklin US opportunities direct fund 10
Sbi banking and financial Services fund direct 10
DSP Midcap Direct Plan-growth 10
Principal Dividend Yield Fund direct 5
Axis Small cap fund direct 5
Axis focused 25 direct plan -growth 10
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Dhruv @DhruvMan
Jan 9 11:28 AM

Do you have any basis on how your have picked up these mutual funds?
Sanjay Gupta @sanjaygupta
Jan 9 11:31 AM

Not yet investment... only logic for these selections is return and diversified portfolio... please suggest changes ... I am open to change ... not have much idea of mutual funds ?
Dhruv @DhruvMan
Jan 9 11:32 AM

Instead of ONLY doing lumpsum, I prefer consistent SIP taking benefits of falls to do lumpsums investment.
This is my list. Only equity. Equal Parts in following mutual funds.
Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund - Direct Plan (ELSS)
Axis Long Term Equity Fund - Direct Plan (ELSS)
SBI Small Cap Fund - Direct Plan (Small cap)
HDFC Small Cap Fund - Direct Plan (Small cap)
Canara Rob Emerg Equities Fund (EQ-L&M)
I think small cap picking is most worth giving expense for. Hence slight tilt towards small cap.

Remember they most of the mutual fund buys
But this one sells also and hedge the position
Even market fall
It doesn't fall
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