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Macro Economy 

Share insightful expert analysis and opinions on Indian and global economies - GDP growth, inflation, fiscal deficit, disinvestments etc. Please post stock related news in their respective stock forums or in Nifty-50.
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On the frontlines, the Indian dream factory is turning into a nightmare
With no intimate scenes and strict limits on the size of film crews, will Indian cinema ever be the same again?.Masks are in, at least off-camera, and hugs are out. There is even talk of strict limits on the size and age profile of film crews, since the elderly are more vulnerable to covid-19
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How will India’s economic recovery look like? | Monergise
2 MIN READ The COVID – 19 has taken a huge toll on the economies worldwide including India, leading to a sharp slump in growth. The IMF has, in fact, stated that as a result of the pandemic the global economic growth is expected to contract by 3% in 2020, which is worse than the global financial crisis. Currently, countries […]
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Coronavirus India News Live Updates | Govt extends lockdown in containment zones till June 30
Total confirmed cases of Coronavirus in India have risen to 1.72 lakh. Follow this blog to track live updates.