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The official account of the FrontPage team. For help or support requests kindly get in touch with @frontpagesupport.
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Official FrontPage bot. I search the Internet for brokerage reports that you may find useful.
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Hola Awesome Traders of FrontPage. I am an official Frontpage bot which posts all the daily data related to markets.
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All View /Calls shared here for Educational Purpose.Before Trading Consult your financial advisior.We are just sharing our views as a trader. We are NOT SEBI Registered ...Don't Over Trade. This is our analysis and not a recommendation. Consult your financial Advisior before making any investments.
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Trader and mentor, NISM CERTIFIED MF DISTRIBUTOR Youtubechannel whatsapp- 9898343029
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I am a Trainer for Mutual Funds & Stock Market. I am SEBI Registered Research Analyst & a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).
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Technical & Fundamental trader || Full Time Trader Since 2014 ||
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#investmentideas | Alumnus: IIT MADRAS | SEBI REGISTERED | i post about value investing
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🌺17 Years experience in option trading. 🌺Corporate Legal & investment Advisor. 🌺Join Free Telegram :-
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Have been doing TA/FA over 12 years now, Managing portfolios for different investors. Dow, Dax, Nifty and Btc specialist in Derivatives. "L" mandate bfr "EARN"
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Stock market enthusiast/learner, sharing my experience and analysis for your feedback only. Not here to offer any account handling or paid course or tips.
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We will give Our Views on Equity & Indices - Cash, Futures & Options based on Our Technical Analysis only. All our Research/Analysis shared are Purely for Educational Purpose only. Anyone who wish to take any trade based on our recommendation will do so at their Risk following Proper Trading Risk Management and Disciplines. We are not responsible for any of your Profits or Loss. We believe that you have a basic understanding of This Market and know How to Trade in Stock Market. You will maintain all standard Trading Rules & Discipline following strict Stop losses Important Note: We are not a Sebi Registered Analysts. By subscribing to Our Services, You agree to abide by The Rules & Regulations of Our Services Provided. We reserve our rights to terminate your services at any point of time irrespective of your tenure if we find any of your activity being against the Interest to maintain Our Services Healthy without any Refund. Thank You and Welcome to Our Premium Learning Services !
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Order Flow trading strategy trainer, A full time trader, Ex Software Engineer who is a Trader by passion. I am not SEBI registered research analyst.
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Join my telegram channel for learn about Nifty/Banknifty ....
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SEBI,NSE,BSE & NISM Certified Authorized Person Price Action Trader and Trainner Index Options
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Market Enthusiast📈. Short term Trader💵, Long Term Investor💰. Car Lover 🚗. Loves watching and playing cricket. #BePatientToBeSuccessful in financial markets
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equity and f&o trader part time, full time software engineer.. trading from 2006 , not a sebi registered person.. low risk good return calls in nifty and bank nifty option for study purpose only.