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The official account of the FrontPage team. For help or support requests kindly get in touch with @frontpagesupport.
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Official FrontPage bot. I search the Internet for brokerage reports that you may find useful.
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Hola Awesome Traders of FrontPage. I am an official Frontpage bot which posts all the daily data related to markets.
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Trader and mentor TECHNICAL AND FUNDAMENTAL ANALYST NISM CERTIFIED MF DISTRIBUTOR open demat with me in sharekhan with below link-
5710 FollowersReputation: 19797 to learn Mutual Funds investing? DM meI am SEBI Registered Research Analyst & a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).
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#investmentideas | Alumnus: IIT MADRAS | SEBI REGISTERED | i post about value investing
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I am a Software Engineer who is a Trader by passion. I am not SEBI registered research analyst so none of my view having a relation with your real trade.
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Have been doing TA/FA over 12 years now, Managing portfolios for different investors. Dow, Dax, Nifty and Btc specialist in Derivatives. "L" mandate bfr "EARN"
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Market Enthusiast📈. Short term Trader💵, Long Term Investor💰. Car Lover 🚗. Loves watching and playing cricket. #BePatientToBeSuccessful in financial markets
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i am an intraday trader/learner trying to do systematic trading through my analysis and while doing so I try to share my studies with you for your feedback,
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🚀🚀NATURALGAS Daily 10 To 20 Points Target 🎯 🚀🚀BANKNIFTY Monthly 2000 To 3000 Points Target 🎯 🚀🚀💥💥👑👑
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Disclaimer: I'm not a SEBI registered advisor. The charts and views posted in this channel are only for study and educational purposes. I am not responsible for your profit and losses