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Removing inactive services
We have noticed that a number of services have been created on FrontPage that are no longer active. This causes a number of issues:
- A service with no recent posts looks like a ghost town & drives away potential subscribers. It's like a shop with empty...
FrontPage Service Listing Guidelines - FrontPage Help Center
A visitor to your service looks at the description of your service to decide whether to subscribe. Please follow the guidelines below to put your best foot forward and maximize your subscribers. The idea should be to describe your service in precise terms and give the impression of a professionally run service. Service Name A quick …
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How to Deal With Social Media Trolls:
What are social media trolls? They’re people who deliberately provoke others online. By saying inflammatory and offensive things. They live to make people upset and angry.
Hootsuite Social Media Management

One of the perils of being on any public platform is that you will find people who disagree with you or those who are there just to provoke a reaction aka a "troll".
The correct response in such situations is to BLOCK. NOT to respond and engage in a public fight.
Every word of a...