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roboqk trade @rajivkumarjha
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view for my personnel record purpose👈
Jyotika VK @jyotika
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FINANCIAL ADVISOR. PROPER SUPPORT. IN EVERY SEGMENTS..For more updates about commodity call me on given no 7722981406
Market analyser @Faster
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Game changer
Uttam @uttam-SJWFN-DK4
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Yuvraj @yuvraj-Hk2WlW3L4
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I m not SEBI REGISTER, All calls & Advises for Education purpose only
Ankit kumar from GujaratOur Team 12 Year Experience of Stock & Mcx Market AnalysisWE STRICTLY MAINTAIN 80% ABOVE ACCURACY ALWAYSDaily 1 Trade In 1 Segment With Sl & TGT 100% Intraday 80% Accurate Trade PLZ Note:- 30 Trading Day 7-8 Stop Loss Possible, 100% Accuracy Not Possible
Adv. Arindam @arin4ever
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An Ex- practitioner Advocate. Now pursuing MBA (Investment & Wealth Management). An Aggressive Options Trader. Earn Money With Limited Risk & Proper Money Management.*I am not a SEBI registered Research Analyst.*All Views / Calls shared here for educational purpose. Before trading consult your financial adviser. I am just sharing my views as an options trader. *Beginners are advised to take small trade with deep Stop loss, and preferably after 9:30. Please enter trade after checking Price Action only. Please don't take Big Trades as a Beginner. Day Trade is a skill, skill takes time. Give yourself, time to groom.*It is advised that, Once the Target is hit. Don't take that trade. It is not necessary, that every day you have to take trade compulsorily.*Disclaimer:- All efforts have been made to compile inputs after detailed research. Please do your own research before taking any trade!
karthi @karthi-ryoYQkujV
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mukesh @mukesh1
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DHARAM RAJ @dharamraj
Yugal @yugal-HJTAoLKvN
Praveen Kumar Mishra @praveenkumarmishra
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Praful  @halvadiya
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I am okay with my self
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