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Official FrontPage bot. I search the Internet for brokerage reports that you may find useful.
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VittNivesh is the investment club of NIBM, Pune. The club is an epicenter of a variety of investment analysis and management activities. The foundational objective of the club is the creation and management of a student-driven fund that has investments in several asset classes and brings in respectable returns to the investors.VittNivesh also has initiatives in place that cater to various domains of finance specifically investment and asset management. These initiatives include interactive social media posts, articles, blog posts, etc. on various topics of finance.Club mail id: vittniveshnibm@gmail.comInstagram Page:
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Traders often have to think fast and make quick decisions with discipline to stick with their own trading plans and know when to book profits and losses.
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23 | Chennai☀️ -> Goa🌴 | Trader | Investor
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MBA Student at IIM Indore. Investing and trading in the markets for last 3 years. Always up for any discussions related to stock markets!
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