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April 2023
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chetansuri17 replied to Trap trader's post
Yesterday 7:26 PM

lol, you are watching YouTube videos and trying to be profitable. if it was this easy 90% traders won't be losing money.
All these lines, and random drawing never going to help you. Focus on chart reading skills, change it to larger timeframe and understand how market works.
chetansuri17 replied to Mahipal Singh's post
Yesterday 2:07 PM

you won't buy 1000 qty in nifty in reality. paper money and real money is different game 🎯
chetansuri17 replied to BullPrashanttayal's post
Yesterday 12:33 PM

you need to have stocks in your demat on record date. means you need to buy 2-3 day before the record date as it takes 1-2 days for delivery in demat.
showing in the broker account is different than. delivery.
there are lot of articles available on this. do check once for compl...
chetansuri17 replied to R Ratnam's post
Jun 16 1:05 AM

can't see anything other than asking for login. fraud app
chetansuri17 replied to own comment
Jun 15 4:16 AM

@afinniyas this is called trailing stop loss. where after you made a purchase, price went higher and it hit trailing SL.
you can place stop loss order at any price, if you place stop loss above current price of stock, it will execute order.

Buying price - 4300
current market ...
chetansuri17 replied to Afin Niyas's post
Jun 15 3:10 AM

do you know what is stoploss? you can setup trailing sl once price is higher than your cost.
chetansuri17 replied to The Big Bull's post
Jun 14 7:22 PM

correlation between gold and equity doesn't exist. check on YouTube if you can find learning videos. else learn in deep how gold price moves and how world economy revolves around gold
chetansuri17 replied to Capital P's post
Jun 14 6:14 AM

market has shown no breakout and sustain above last week high. we have seen gap up and selling. avoid calls unless you have momentum. wait for movement for option buyer else premium decay only
chetansuri17 replied to TheTraders01's comment
Jun 14 5:39 AM

@thetraders001 itna hi vest strategies hai to khud paisa banao aur maze karo. bada paisa banao aur saath main aur business kholo agar profitable ho to.
chetansuri17 replied to Ayush Agrahari's comment
Jun 14 5:38 AM

@ayushagrahari9798 lol. avoid doing this. you never know what happens. long term holding means handling of such events and let not chop and change stocks because of some events.
people are still waiting for Nifty 12000 because of such thoughts
chetansuri17 replied to SingHappily's post
Jun 13 11:58 PM

there are a few algo trading platforms which you can use for this. you can google and find out list.
Be aware that its not algo what makes money, its your strategy and how you code your entry exit.
chetansuri17 replied to shree4539's post
Jun 13 11:56 PM

you can use websocket from broker and add it to your google sheet or other interface. Getting data into excel might be slightly complicated as you will need to code a few things.
all brokers have api, check their documentation. If you are okay to pay , then truedata provides som...
chetansuri17 replied to Madhankumar's post
Jun 13 10:18 PM

sl hit ho gaya 🤦🏻‍♂️
chetansuri17 replied to Ojus Rastogi's post
Jun 13 9:35 PM

take no action near the election. if you purchased shares with a longer term view like 2,3,5 years of long term, then do nothing. No one can tell if the market will go up or down , so plan based on timeframe.
you can't buy at low and sell at high and be accurate with it. might w...
chetansuri17 replied to The Big Bull's post
Jun 13 5:15 AM

you will get news at last and movement would have happened by then.
avoid news based trading, this is major reason for loss for retail traders
chetansuri17 replied to Mayank's post
Jun 13 5:14 AM

9.15 se pehle and 3.30 ke baad
chetansuri17 replied to discrete trader's post
Jun 13 5:13 AM

crude ka price movement demand, supply news par chalta hai. fundamental is demand and supply
chetansuri17 replied to discrete trader's post
Jun 13 5:13 AM

gaadi ka tank full karwa lao, crude price up ho jayega
chetansuri17 replied to Chiranjeeb's post
Jun 12 1:32 AM

no one will give you money for free. and don't take any loan as it will add a lot of issues mentally to pay back loan
chetansuri17 replied to own comment
Jun 11 10:48 PM

@tushar8i are you saying you made 44k from 6k capital?

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