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April 2023
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Paper Trades
chetansuri17 replied to Swayam Patnekar's post
Yesterday 12:02 AM

They are derivatives products. You can just buy stock. Not all stocks have derivatives so you will see for few stocks only
chetansuri17 replied to Rahul Naik95's post
Dec 1 4:08 PM

share data which you want to understand. aisa random question stock market main nahi chalta.
chetansuri17 replied to own comment
Dec 1 3:51 AM

@yashaswinigowda04 You can take 5-10 mins out and place buy orders.. make a watchlist and place trades . as you are so keen to invest in markets , you can take out 10 mins to place/execute order.. GTT/AMO may not execute all orders.

you can try paper trade as basket based on wha...
chetansuri17 replied to own comment
Dec 1 3:33 AM

@yashaswinigowda04 assuming you want to get rich or have good monthly income, focus on other skills which are in demand like youtube or other things or even technical like coding or tech related. make money and invest in markets, you can't make 10k to 10cr in this stock market
chetansuri17 replied to own comment
Dec 1 3:32 AM

@yashaswinigowda04 to generate good returns you will need 3-5lak capital and below that people will tell you to do F&O which will take whatever money you have.
check out some videos on basket swing trading on youtube and trade stocks in upmove like 8-10 stocks. you can hold them...
chetansuri17 replied to Yashaswini Gowda's post
Dec 1 2:59 AM

you are probably student and asking this questions.
Stock market is full time job and can't be done as part time or with any other job. This is serious business and not regular job. You can either do swing trading by analyzing stocks after 5 pm and then taking trades next day (C...
chetansuri17 replied to Amruth's post
Nov 30 4:34 PM

1 lot ka allotment and 1 lot refund
chetansuri17 replied to Akash Soni's post
Nov 30 12:01 AM

If you are actually holding a 45000 call option then do mention it as real vs paper can have a difference in how you are guided to close trade.
45000 CE is 500 pt away from today close and if market open gap up tomorrow, CE will increase by a little as it is far OTM. If expiry ...
chetansuri17 replied to Krish Sharma's post
Nov 28 3:19 AM

Support and resistance plays very important role in Index trading. Trading is all about support and resistance, you will understand this with time.
chetansuri17 replied to 547944's post
Nov 27 8:25 PM

Moving Averages
Bollinger Band
Donchain Channels
All are good indicators and can be used for guidance in trading. You will need to understand how and when to use these for better results. There isn't any simple logic for 100% accuracy and there is no w...
chetansuri17 replied to own comment
Nov 26 1:58 AM

@nagendrayadav1 Bro paper trade main reserve bank of India ke note nahi children's bank of India ke note milenge. 😂😂😂
chetansuri17 replied to Aandhaa Paisaa's post
Nov 26 1:44 AM

If you are asking about support of moving averages, pivot or indicator based support then you can create rule and scan stocks.
You may not be able to scan for price based supports.
For consolidation you can set up scan in a way you consider it as consolidation like last 10 hour ...
chetansuri17 replied to Tenzin's post
Nov 26 1:41 AM

All markets are closed on weekends.
Only crypto markets are open 24*7, however you may not find enough moves/liquidity outside most people trading hours
chetansuri17 replied to Salman Sheikh's post
Nov 26 1:40 AM

Jaise ki market humko bata kar close hua ki it will open in put or call.. 😂😂😂
chetansuri17 replied to Nagendra Yadav's post
Nov 26 1:39 AM

Chart par to gain hai, trade history bhi dikha do 800 pt ki
chetansuri17 replied to own comment
Nov 25 2:32 PM

@sahilmittal you can place orders and even if price comes to that level, your order may not be executed as other who placed order before you will be executed and confirmed. However if your luck is good then you buy that qty and when you sell you again have to wait for your order ...
chetansuri17 replied to Abhijeet's post
Nov 24 6:10 PM

You should avoid forex trading unless you can risk that complete amount which you are putting in forex apps. Once they scam you, there will not be any regulations helping you
chetansuri17 replied to Ajay's post
Nov 24 6:08 PM

That's where you get wrong, stock market is where %age matters not price.
If you are investing 1Lakh, where you make money from penny stocks or from top rated stocks, %age return will be same.. it just that risk will be higher in penny stocks.
chetansuri17 replied to Sahil Mittal's post
Nov 24 6:04 PM

Lol 😂. Doesn't work exactly like this in reality. Orders are executed on a FIFO basis, so your order needs to be executed at 0.55 and then at 0.60. you can check total volume traded vs bid/ask qty and see whether your order will be executed at both sides. If yes, then definitely...
chetansuri17 replied to Dharmik Soni's post
Nov 22 4:45 PM

What is definition of good returns for you ?

Check Liquid bees or funds like Quant Liquid Direct Fund Growth. is this something you are looking for ?

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