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The official account of the FrontPage team. For help or support requests kindly get in touch with @frontpagesupport.
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Official FrontPage bot. I search the Internet for brokerage reports that you may find useful.
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Hola Awesome Traders of FrontPage. I am an official Frontpage bot which posts all the daily data related to markets.
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Telegram for free calls. Intraday Option Trader with 9 years of Experience.
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Pre Market Report | Post Market Report | Live Market News | Index Trading |Disclaimer - Information Shared Here Are My Personal Views And Some Obtained Fr
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Air Veteran, Full Time Option Trader(Buyer), Investor, Awarded Tradingview Community Award 2022 & Prestigious Emerging Unicorn Award 2023
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Technical & Fundamental trader || Full Time Trader Since 2014 ||
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DISCLAIMER- Trade views are based on our study and for educational purposes only. We will not be responsible for your profit or loss..consult your financial adviser before buying and selling. We are not SEBI registered. We are a team of experts who study the NSE, BSE Stock Market every minute of the day.
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Have been doing TA/FA over 12 years now, Managing portfolios for different investors. Dow, Dax, Nifty and Btc specialist in Derivatives. "L" mandate bfr "EARN"
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Trader: Nifty📊, Banknifty📊, Finnifty📊 & Long Term Investor⏰ , Technical Analysis ❤️❤️
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Stock market enthusiast/learner, sharing my experience and analysis for your feedback only. Not here to offer any account handling or paid course or tips.
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🚫DISCLAIMER -- I AM NOT SEBI REG ANALYST, All ideas expressed in this channel are just views and are for educational purposes. Please consult your financial a
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👉Stay ahead of the game with actionable Investment / Trading Ideas. ⚠️Disclaimer Information shared is for educational purposes only
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Market Enthusiast📈. Short term Trader💵, Long Term Investor💰. Car Lover 🚗. Loves watching and playing cricket. #BePatientToBeSuccessful in financial markets
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Weekly option seller on NIFTY. Software engineer by profession, trader at heart. NIT Trichy CSE. Engineering is fun till you join corporate.
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I am in the Stock Market since 1993
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Learning from markets since 2020 - Student | Follower | Investor "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." — Benjamin Franklin.
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