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August 2023
Paper Trades
akb619 replied to Shubham Vishwakarma's post
Nov 20 12:21 PM

Paper trading is different from real money trading.
You can try with minimum amount in real money trading. You will get to know how profitable you are.
Don't worry if it ends in loss.
But you will learn something. Think it as tuition fees.
Any help then ping me
akb619 replied to Karan Singh's post
Nov 20 12:16 PM

Real money?
akb619 replied to Mohammad Afnan's post
Nov 20 12:13 PM

If you looking to trade from 5k, then don't look risk:reward.
Focus on small profits. Until you reach 10k.
If want any help, ping me for that
akb619 replied to Jaud's post
Nov 20 12:12 PM

Depends upon you.
With that capital you easily earn 500+ on one trade. Even more.
So, 500-1k sure if you take trades wisely.
akb619 replied to Share Market Analysis's post
Nov 20 12:10 PM

If you take trades when you are confident in your analysis and take small profits.
If you looking for big profits and following big Target strategy, then you can never.
Main aim should be, to remain profitable not to hit the bigger targets.
akb619 replied to Sibbu Bhaaaai's post
Nov 20 12:08 PM

Yes, ofcourse
akb619 replied to hemss's post
Nov 20 12:08 PM

Ping me, I can clear your doubt regarding this
akb619 replied to Sanvidhan Lone's post
Nov 20 11:55 AM

🤣 for 21₹?
akb619 replied to Farhana Begum's comment
Nov 19 2:24 PM

@farhanabegum click on my profile, click on follow, you will get chat option
akb619 replied to Farhana Begum's comment
Nov 19 12:43 PM
akb619 replied to Krish Sharma's post
Nov 19 5:35 AM

Ping me if you want to learn that
akb619 replied to Archak's post
Nov 19 5:32 AM

Can understand, but use it for learning, controlling your emotions.
Ping me for more details
akb619 replied to Arminder's post
Nov 19 5:30 AM

If you getting 60% accuracy then it's good.
High expectations is where things get wrong.
And dont keep on switching strategies. If you experimenting fine, but do make your best strategy which works all the time as trademark. So don't leave that while experimenting.
There's a reas...
akb619 replied to Arunangshu's post
Nov 19 5:16 AM

Ping me to know and learn
akb619 replied to Jay's post
Nov 19 5:15 AM

These are indexes which have collection of top performing companies and companies related to a particular sector like as you mentioned IT. So NIFTY IT will contain IT stocks only.
Same you will Nifty Bank, FinNifty, Sensex, MidcapNifty
akb619 replied to Nagesh's post
Nov 19 5:13 AM

U can earn in options through that amount but you need to have some knowledge on how option chart works.
Also, if you are a beginner and don't know about some rules then I suggest you to stay away from stock options.
If you took trade in stock options in expiry and chose Delivery...
akb619 replied to Suresh Yadav's post
Nov 19 5:02 AM

Stay away from stock options if you are not an experienced trader.
It can even take away your home.
Also, if you don't know to pick stocks, and the stocks are manipulative, then you will face loss only
akb619 replied to Hulk's post
Nov 17 7:23 PM

Intraday requires lot of money than options.
But since, intraday has less risk than options, it gives less profits too.
If you are a beginner then I suggest don't jump into F&O.
It will wipe out and blow your account everytime.
Take time in learning first and do intraday for som...
akb619 replied to Vivek Kumar Verma's post
Nov 17 7:14 PM

Profit booking and do learn about psychological levels. Try to spend more time in charts, it will tell you a lot
akb619 replied to Mnv Patell's post
Nov 17 7:07 PM

Stay away from these penny stocks, despite caring about the brand name.
If you look history, then you will understand, I mean see the charts.
And know why did it happen.
Unless, you are a pro trader or have deep knowledge about the company fundamentals, don't try to put your hard...

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