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BANKNIFTY Nifty Future N Option Future Stock, MCX About myself I am working with as a Chief Trader/Trainer/Mentor, where we teach about How to HEDGE THE PORTFOLIO, How to do RISK MANAGEMENT, How to trade RISKFREE, How to get OVERNIGHT PROTECTION in FUTURE STOCK, How to do the OPTION CHAIN ANALYSIS. Our work is based on OPEN INTEREST. In Market everyone follow same method for buying & selling, but we don't just buy we do both together that is why we protect our capital INTRADAY as well POSITIONAL. IF YOU WANT TO LEARN PLEASE JOIN OUR FIRM TO BECOME INDEPENDENT TRADER TRACK MY TRADES ALL BASED ON THE DATA ANALYSIS, NO PREDICTION AT ALL Before taking any trade please contact your financial adviser because I am doing RISK MANAGEMENT Not responsible for Profit & loss I am here sharing how to HEDGE your position which will help you to protect the capital, All my trades are 2 or 3 legs means combination of trading.
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I am a SEBI REGD ANALYST. I do not provide any paid service. My services are free of cost for my followers. you can follow me to get free updates of equity cash intraday, short term and long term recommendations. For any thing important you can whatsapp me : 9535768058
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Institutional Research Experience.
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