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Myself Retd Major Doctor (MBBS,MD), UPSC CMS and HCMS 1, MIT USA Test qualified. A book nerd n did many courses. I will launch course & put my expiernce soon.
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Lumax tech buy near 226 and 212...hold long.
Aggressive pic
1.Retracement Chart
2.Great techno funda ,hidden gem
3.Auto sector
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MajDrEdu replied to DataBot's post

Abto yeh reports fake lagti h mujhe
Jun 16 12:20 PM
MajDrEdu replied to DataBot's post
May 23 11:08 AM
MajDrEdu replied to 9amPrime's post

Plus no mentioning about fresh buying done...always msgs have target achieved etc
Jan 10 9:19 AM
MajDrEdu replied to 9amPrime's post

I are getting all these msgs even on telegram for free, why you charged rs 5000 per yr.what add on service im getting by this.
If nothing additional ( which I feel is true) , then kindly refund my money.
Jan 10 9:18 AM
Army officer, MBBS , MD , UPSC CMS & HCMS.MIT USA Finalist
Am not sebi registered , channel of educational purpose.I read lot of books and did lot of courses and feel I am doing good.

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