Dear Creators,

The FrontPage community loves original stock analysis. Especially a video which helps them learn and relate to the analyst, works much better than a screenshot or a long blurb.

Next time you analyze a stock, whether for short or long term, please capture it in a short video and share it on FrontPage.

Here are a few guidelines that will help you create an engaging analysis that will drive much more followers :

- One stock only : Add #stockforum tag to display your analysis in the respective forum.
- Time is of the essence : Keep the greetings and intros crisp. Try to complete video in 60 seconds or less.
- Cite evidence : Great analysis includes data, ratios, trends, patterns and information that shows the depth of your knowledge.
- Try to educate : Analysis that teaches a concept or two is much more memorable and shareable.
- No commercial promotion please : Saying "buy my service" is a huge turn off. Let your post be your promotion.

How to:
Home > Market View > use video icon in toolbar to upload your video. Once you do that, please message us @FPExpertGuide.

We will help feature some of the most impactful and informative analysis!! :)

If you have some feedback or questions, please do not hesitate to message back to this account.

Have a great day ahead!