Dear Experts,

We want to make FrontPage the best place on the Internet to run your services.

Taking one more step in line with that mission, we are happy to announce the general availability of "discount codes" for services.

Discounting is one of the primary tools to help increase your sales while also making your customers happy with a deal that they deserve. So for example:

- You could create a code like "HAPPYDIWALI" for a 30% off in a few clicks. Publish it in your Telegram channel. And all your customers who use that code during checkout, get a 30% discount on the eligible plan.
- Just as easily you could create a "SPECIALCUSTOMER" discount of 50% and distribute the code only to a handful of loyal subscribers.

You can deactivate a discount code anytime. And you can create any number of codes, may be one for every social channel to track your conversions.

Do head over to the discounts tab in the service console and let us know your experience. We hope you make the most of these discount codes in the upcoming festival season which is not too far out.

Warm Regards and Good Luck!
FrontPage Services Team