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NBI Industrial Finance Company Ltd.
Sector: Finance
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1,509.6 +14.05 (0.94%)
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  • NBIFIN Share Price - Technicals

    NBIFIN - 52 Week High₹1,535
    NBIFIN - 52 Week Low₹885.2
  • NBIFIN Share Price - Historical (₹)

    Sep 17147014961450.051495.55
    Sep 1614751479.414701479.25
    Sep 1314901495.21454.91464.75
    Sep 121510.71514.2515041510.3
    Sep 111505150914761495.75
  • NBIFIN Share Price - Daily Moving Averages (DMA)

    20 Day Moving Average₹1,446.28
    30 Day Moving Average₹1,386.8
    50 Day Moving Average₹1,378.93
    100 Day Moving Average₹1,314.66
    200 Day Moving Average₹1,242.35
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