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Updated 03:42 27/05 IST
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MRF Share Price Discussion

Reputation: 18,582 • May 16 7:41 AM

MRF isn't the most expensive share.
The most expensive share in India is worth crores.
MRF is the most expensive one for listed companies, but a unlisted company leads the chart.
Tata Sons, an unlisted company, is a parent holding company of all Tata companies, and its shares are...... read more
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May 18 3:15 AM

Yes but price over bugt ...I think ...Very expensive stok
May 18 3:31 AM

May 19 5:45 AM

Elcid investment. Its listed on BSE; not traded since quite some time . Promoters want to delist . Do you what promoter are offering?. 160000 per share . Minority stakeholders are demanding 400000. While it's intrinsic value is 650000 . So co is offering 25% if it's value. This ...
Reputation: 14,523 • Feb 11 3:21 AM

💥Breaking News💥
MRF Announce 3 RS Per Share DIVIDEND
Stock Price @ 68 Thousand Plus ONE Share
Heartiest Congratulations to all MRF Investors.😂👌
Big Joke in 2022🔥
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