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KIRIINDUS Share Price Discussion

Reputation: 19,603 • Jan 9 12:30 PM

#KIRIINDUS will declare results on Jan 11, 2022
Do you have any view on the results? Let's aggregate whatever information we have from other sources for everyone's benefit.
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Reputation: 2,598 • Dec 7, 2021 8:06 AM

Techno-fundamental Call

CMP 453

Recent High 677, All time high is 874,

Book value per share itself is standing at 594, whcih means it is trading cheaper than its book value

Industry: Dyes

Technically standing at crucial support.

Would be a strong mulitbagger o...... read more
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Dec 13, 2021 7:48 AM

In year 21-22 first quarter net profit is 6 crore and second quarter loss is 7 crore


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