Sabse Bada Rupaiya? 🤔 (Share Yours Views)

Currency market changes over the last few months

1) Russia is back to the gold standard it has pegged 5000 Russian Rubel to 1 gm of Gold.
2) Japanese Yen has weakened from 100 to 140 in the last year. Japanese central bank has intervened in the currency market after 25 years. Japan is on another side of the table with no inflation and an aging population. It is highest US bond holder along with China. Japan might start selling bonds as US bond prices are falling due to a hike in interest rate as by bond price and interest r rates are inversely related.
3) China is buying Gold in huge quantities and selling US bonds.
4) Euro/Pound fear recession as winters are approaching and they can either heat 🔥 homes and prevent them from dying with cold or buy food and avoid starving demise.
4) RBI is defending the rupee but forex reserves are depleting still it has fallen less against dollar in comparison to other currencies.

Time to perhaps buy Gold/Silver?
Recession, Inflation favors precious metals, and China, Russia supporting it could further catalyze the rise.

Happy investing 👍
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