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2 GILLETTE share price target reports by brokerages below. See what is analyst's view on GILLETTE share price forecast, rating, estimates, valuation and prediction behind the target. You may use these research report forecasts for long-term to medium term for your investment or trades in 2020.
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GILLETTE Share Price Target

GILLETTE Share Price Target - Broker Reports - 2021

Price @ Call: 5929
Target: 6000

GILLETTE Share Price Target - Broker Reports - 2020

Price @ Call: 5764.32
Target: 5895
Price @ Call: 5293.8
Target: 6450
In terms of leveraging, the company has a negligible debt with a cash & cash equivalents to ` 171.94 cr during half year ended December 2019. The Interest coverage ratio of 48.84(TTM) is indicating it generates sufficient EBITDA to meet its financial obligations in the future. Eyeing on the Sales, EBITDA & PAT growth CAGR which is 2%,3.5% & 6% respectively can be termed as satisfactory. However, company has a remarkable ROE of 30%. Also, company delivers margins in excess of 10%. EBITDA margins & PAT margins stood at 20.80% & 14.40%. Also, the conversion cycle days is around 24 days can be termed as good. On the corporate governance front too, Gillette is equipped with good governance backed with strong parental support of P&G having 40.12% holding & GILLETTE DIVERSIFIED OPERATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED with 34.88% making a total of promoter holding to 75%. Thus, overall the triggers shape up a potential BUY for the company.
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Price @ Call: 6308.12
Target: 6677
Gillette India (Gillette) delivered weak performance for yet another quarter. The miss was largely on account of continued de-growth in the Grooming segment which caused the overall topline to drag despite healthy growth in the Oral segment. Topline performance in 2QFY20 declined by 3.4% YoY. While the mix between Grooming and Oral Care was in line with our estimate the continued weakness in the Grooming segment is a cause for concern. After slight moderation in growth rate in the previous quarter the Oral Care segment delivered a healthy growth of 12% YoY on a high base of last year, while the Grooming segment remained a drag, declining by 8% YoY. As the demand scenario remains soft amid challenging economic conditions and tight liquidity, we expect the recovery to be slow. EBITDA registered a modest growth of 2% YoY despite topline significantly missing estimates on account of the company clawing back advertising costs. Advertising cost as a percentage of sales reduced by 420bps YoY. Gross margin was back in the 58-60% band after slipping in the last 2 quarters, resulting in a gross margin expansion of 70bps YoY. EBITDA margin for the quarter stood at 21.8%, expanding by around 120bps YoY. We anticipate gross margin to sustain at current levels with gradual improvement in sales mix. We believe that the subdued performance was largely due to challenging market conditions and subdued consumer sentiment and anticipate a recovery in earnings as market conditions improve. We retain Accumulate rating on Gillette with a revised Target Price (TP) of Rs6,677 based on a P/E multiple of 52x, implying an upside of 5% from the current market price (CMP).
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GILLETTE Share Price Target - Broker Reports - 2019

Price @ Call: 7130
Target: 7700
Gross margin during the quarter was significantly affected as costs grew ahead of revenue, likely on account of adverse mix in favour of Oral Care, resulting in a decline of around 8% YoY. EBITDA margin was severely affected by a sharp increase in other expenses, which was ahead of our estimates by 63%. EBITDA margin for the quarter stood at 6.5%, declining by around 8% YoY. We believe there is headroom for improvement in product mix. Therefore, we believe there is potential for earnings to recover in the coming quarters. We retain Accumulate rating on Gillette with our existing Target Price (TP) of Rs7,700 based on an unchanged P/E multiple of 60x, implying an upside of 8% from the current market price.
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Price @ Call: 6906
Target: 7700
The company continues to meet our expectation in terms of category development, premiumisation and strengthening its distribution network. Along with productivity initiatives, it should be able to drive substantial growth in earnings. However, as a significant part of these initiatives is captured in the stock outperformance, we have downgraded our rating on it from Buy to Accumulate with a target price of Rs7,700 based on an unchanged target P/E multiple of 60x, indicating an upside of 6% from the CMP.
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Price @ Call: 6455
Target: 7500
Gillette India’s (GILL) 2QFY19 operating and net earnings performance was below expectations largely on account of increased marketing investments which were up nearly 68%. Top-line performance led by oral care business was around 2% above expectation. In oral care business, the company continues to demonstrate strong capability and its product innovations such as ‘Cavity Defense Black’ and ‘Neem’ infused toothbrushes have been received extremely well in the market. These innovations along with strong go-to-market execution capability helped the company to deliver a growth of nearly 36% YoY during the quarter. In the grooming segment, while the company’s performance in the entry level (Gillette Guard) and feminine blades (Venus) has been strong so far, it has faced challenges in its premium Mach 3 portfolio. The recent launch of ‘Mach 3 Start’, in our opinion, will help in improving the pace of premiumisation from the entry-level range. Gross margin trend for the company continued to remain encouraging and it was up nearly 40bps at 59.1%, despite somewhat adverse mix in favour of oral care. EBITDA margin, despite more than 600bps of marketing investments, stood at 20.6% for the quarter. We believe the constant thrust on building the portfolio and targeting new consumers will help the market leader gain further share and deliver profitable growth. Also, there is further headroom for improvement in the product mix and GILL’s new product launches indicate clearly that the focus is more on the mid-premium segment. Therefore, we believe there is potential for earnings to recover in the coming quarters. The company’s innovation capability, competitive performance and cost efficiency continue to remain key investment drivers. Therefore, we have retained Buy rating on GILL with our existing target price of Rs7,500 based on September 2020E earnings and target P/E multiple of 60x, indicating an upside of 16% from the CMP.
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GILLETTE Share Price Target - Broker Reports - 2018

Price @ Call: 6472.61
Target: 7600

GILLETTE Share Price Target - Broker Reports - 2017

Price @ Call: 5893.88
Target: 7000
Price @ Call: 5299.85
Target: 5800
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  • GILLETTE Share Price Target Today- Technical Pivot Points (Classic)

    Upside Target 36,135.1
    Upside Target 26,080.4
    Upside Target 16,021.4
    Downside Target 15,907.7
    Downside Target 25,853
    Downside Target 35,794
  • GILLETTE Share Price Target weekly- Technical Pivot Points (Classic)

    Upside Target 36,242.6
    Upside Target 26,141.6
    Upside Target 16,052
    Downside Target 15,861.4
    Downside Target 25,760.4
    Downside Target 35,670.8
  • GILLETTE Share Price Target monthly- Technical Pivot Points (Classic)

    Upside Target 36,414.83
    Upside Target 26,247.92
    Upside Target 16,033.83
    Downside Target 15,652.83
    Downside Target 25,485.92
    Downside Target 35,271.83
  • GILLETTE Share Price Target today- Technical Pivot Points (Fibonacci)

    Upside Target 36,080.4
    Upside Target 26,036.97
    Upside Target 16,010.13
    Downside Target 15,923.27
    Downside Target 25,896.43
    Downside Target 35,853
  • GILLETTE Share Price Target weekly- Technical Pivot Points (Fibonacci)

    Upside Target 36,141.6
    Upside Target 26,068.79
    Upside Target 16,023.81
    Downside Target 15,878.19
    Downside Target 25,833.21
    Downside Target 35,760.4
  • GILLETTE Share Price Target monthly- Technical Pivot Points (Fibonacci)

    Upside Target 36,247.92
    Upside Target 26,102.37
    Upside Target 16,012.46
    Downside Target 15,721.37
    Downside Target 25,631.46
    Downside Target 35,485.92
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