USDINR: USDINR closed negative in a volatile session with intraday volatility of 35.25 paisa from high to low. The pair opened negative, rebounded and remained volatile with an up trend during the session, and closed near the session high at closing, currently quoting lower at 81.53 (in OTC). Technically, the rally in pairs may be exhausted near the overbought zone, if the slip comes below 81.37, the pair may correct towards 81.13-80.97 in the very short term. Intraday, the pair may find support around 81.51-33 and resistance around 81.81-97. RSI is near 70. Globally, the dollar index turned weak, closed negative on Thursday but opened positive on early Friday, oil recovered above $80. Meanwhile Asian currencies opened positive in the early morning. On an immediate basis 81.55 remained in support and 81.75/81 resistance for the pair. All Spot Levels. $$Due to RBI Policy Meet movement could be sharp and large$$ For live updates please contact us
(Delayed Update)
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