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Trail sl.Don't make profit into loss..Disclaimer : I am not a SEBI Registered Research Analyst and all the information provided here in this channel is for educational purposes only and is not intended to as a trading/investing recommendation or advice.
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view for my personnel record purpose👈
PARAG14 BTST FUT Etc @parag14idbtstetc
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Trusted Calls on FUT IntraDay(ID), BTST, Etc..Analysis is My PASSION..All my views are only for STUDY and INFORMATION Purpose..* BEFORE TRADING WITH CALLS, PLZ TAKE ADVICE OF YOUR OWN FINANCIAL ADVISOR. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY GAIN/LOSSFor Regular calls, contact or message me on WHATSAPP..
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I, am a share market Professional working in Swastika Investmart Ltd as Salae Manager In Dehradun Uttrakhand, Our Hobby to Technical charts Reading And Pridiction for Educational Perpose only one..Please make trade at your on risk..Thanks, n Regard Your Goodwisher
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Game changer
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Crude oil intraday trader with daily targets of 50-100 points. Anyone wish to see performance or get live calls can ping me on telegram at user ID @saras_ankit One can find my channel in telegram with the name "Crude100PointsDaily"Note: I am not a Sebi certified analyst, kindly consult your financial advisor before taking any trades.
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Avid stock market enthusiast
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GOLDEN BULL WEALTH @goldenbullwealth
47 Followers • Reputation: 16 ❤️💙💚 .1- Daily -Sureshot Profit. Accuracy-- above 90% ♥️. join us forget your past losses let's have profitable journey with us.💜 ❤️ DM:- I AM NOT SEBI REGISTERED ANALYST. ALL POSTS ARE EDUCATONAL PURPOSES.I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PROFIT OR Loss
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All seg
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