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Sumanth Kumar, Chief Mentor & Founder of Academy for Advanced Trading Strategies. This page is an FREE Educational Forum to display the Comtemporary ART of Trading using Advanced PRICE ACTION Analysis dependent on the PRICE ITSELF which LEADS Everything ! The Admins are Non-SEBI Registered. Posts are non-solicitatory, Do not trade directly Do your own analysis before taking trades.
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I'm an investor.YouTube
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An Ex- practitioner Advocate. Now pursuing MBA (Investment & Wealth Management). An Aggressive Commodity Trader. Earn Money With Limited Risk & Proper Money Management.*I am not a SEBI registered Research Analyst.*All Views / Calls shared here for educational purpose. Before trading consult your financial adviser. I am just sharing my views as a trader. *It is advised that, Once the Target is hit. Don't take that trade. It is not necessary, that every day you have to take trade compulsorily.
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www.toptradingindicator.comHi Friends, Check Which gives you BUY and SELL signals. Become an independent trader. 100% Daily Profit. I started using this tool. Now no need to wait for someone to tell Buy or Sell, I can do myself now. 100% works if you follow the rules.
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Postional trader BankNifty Master only positional trades. join me at posting my views for educational purposes.
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I'm not a SEBI certified analyst. Whatever I'm posting here is for educational purposes only. So, these are not recommended to anyone to tryout.
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Bank Nifty option
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Learner, Trader, F&O, Equity, Commodity. Paper Trades
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