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I am not a sebi registered advisor, the views and trades posting here in the forum is for educational purpose only. kindly review and trade according to your own system.
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Arindam @arin4ever
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An Ex- practitioner Advocate. Now pursuing MBA (Investment & Wealth Management). An Aggressive Commodity Trader. Earn Money With Limited Risk & Proper Money Management.*I am not a SEBI registered Research Analyst.*All Views / Calls shared here for educational purpose. Before trading consult your financial adviser. I am just sharing my views as a trader. *It is advised that, Once the Target is hit. Don't take that trade. It is not necessary, that every day you have to take trade compulsorily.
ENRITCHSANJEEVlock @Enritchsanjeev6261
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Sub broker of enritch commodity pvt. ltd.
Earn Daily 5000 to 10000 INR , Capital Required : 100000 to 150000 Calls : Equity , Bank Nifty futures , Nifty futures, GoldM, SilverM, Bank Nifty & Nifty Options 1 to 3 Open Calls 90 % Intraday & 10 % BTST Calls
sachin @sk2233
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equity cash
Abdulla @abdulla
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Umang @umang99
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rahroan @rahroan
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"Kripya apna dimaag lagaayein, P&L dekhke trades na lein kyunki ye sirf paper trades hai, actual positions nahi." These mostly are just to take a sense of market movements thus please, do not base your investments basis this.
Pravin Kosare @pravinkosare
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nimish @nimish-H1OMXlXlv
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Naresh Kumarlock @nkbkkp
part time trader rajasthan
430374 @430374
Gagandeep Goel @gagandeepgoelADV
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Joby Jose @jobyjose