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October 2022
So called Quant|Trading is not art it's scientific gambling|Volatility|Below is the finvesia link(zero commission) don't waste money by paying charges.
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Paper Trades
Pinned by anshuq
Reputation: 2,375  •  Aug 25 1:55 PM

Any body wants tradingview premium dm me,
tv premium features --
1.multiple timeframe more than 5 charts at once .
2.Custom timeframe like 75 min and second based interval with 0 delay.
3.Create multiple watchlist .
4.multiple indicator at same time.
5.indicator on indicator. more
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anshuq replied to Abhishek Mhaske's post
Sep 28 12:37 AM

Bhai India me price change in rupees ko hi Points bolte hai .
India hai mere dost.
E.g aapne banknifty ki 40000 ce buy Kia 203 rs par aur wo chali jaati hai 210 pe esko 7 point bote hai , aur change in rupees 7 hai.
Aur premium options ke price ko kahte hai koiki option is inven...
anshuq replied to Prakash's post
Sep 26 8:35 PM

It's a silver future not spot, spot have different rate due the involvement of multiple cost when you buy real silver, like transportation , business operation, security etc.
anshuq replied to Shraddha Khatavkar's post
Sep 26 8:31 PM

You have to journal from your self , for paper trade you can use this platform.
anshuq replied to Atharva Ghadi's post
Sep 26 8:26 PM

Option is a derivative instrument means it use other instrument for pricing like cash segment or index .
They are very complicated instrument, that composed of multiple pricing factors like volatility and time .
It carry huge risk because they are leveraged instrument , that the...
anshuq replied to Shantanu's post
Sep 25 2:09 AM

You are most likely get ruined in the long-term, or may be in shorter term.
But there are some person i know the big names who manages account but there token size is huge. Because they involve in mostly option selling.
anshuq replied to VinothIgnatius's post
Sep 25 2:08 AM

But you need initial margin to short options.
Means you need close to 1 lakh .
Yes you can use that amount for what ever you wnt
anshuq replied to Rahul Bora's comment
Sep 25 2:05 AM
anshuq replied to Sridhar's post
Sep 25 2:03 AM

Finvesia is best for beginners, it comes with true zero commission means not a single penny that goes to broker.
Technology is great if do algotrading.
anshuq replied to Harry's post
Sep 25 1:59 AM

Transformer are great
anshuq replied to Wasi Shaikh's post
Sep 23 3:53 AM

Currently the leverage is nothing compared to 2.5 years prior from now, where you only need stoploss margin to trade , means current nifty lot is 50 and i place a stoploss above 10 rs to option short avg price.
So you need only 500 rs to short option.
In equity there is upto 125x...
anshuq replied to Wasi Shaikh's post
Sep 23 2:17 AM

Yes you get so called leverage in options but you can increase your leverage by hedging.
But for option buying there is already a leverage because you are buying (call) or selling (put) underlying by paying just the premium not even the upfront margin and also not the Notional v...
anshuq replied to P r a k h a r's post
Sep 20 2:06 PM

I have seen what you did in paper trading, those things you are doing is not practical.
anshuq replied to Accurate Chart's post
Sep 20 1:50 PM

Delta neutral, nothing but buying or selling the call and put with same delta. But delta neutral and be created with only call option and put option alone.
But as the name delta neutral, delta is the directional risk of the option. Most of the time delta neutral will give profit...
anshuq replied to Rahul's post
Sep 18 3:25 AM

Go with finvesia
anshuq replied to Anshu Jaiswal's post
Sep 18 1:25 AM

first thing is that you need to know what is price action , and price action is composed of open , high , low , close . but price action is noisy and there are some info that is missing in them , like currently in which volatility regimes you are in ,is it high , low , moderate ,...
anshuq replied to Mohammad Khalid's post
Sep 18 12:51 AM

There are tons of videos on YouTube you can learn from there at least basics , what is markets , what shares , how to invest , what to look in them before investing , trading vs investment etc.
Be aware only learn from them , don't get fooled by their fake profits and life style ...
anshuq replied to Vedant Dehariya's post
Sep 16 5:43 PM

Starting trading is simple just open a demat account and you are done . But making consistent profit is very hard .
Trading requires powerful strategy, risk management techniques, and physicology .
And don't get fooled and mislead by so called traders.
Give your time to markets ...
anshuq replied to Trade Guru Stock's comment
Sep 16 1:00 PM
anshuq replied to Suleman's comment
Sep 16 1:24 AM

@guptahari don't ever think of leaving job , because trading is a business, and business requires upfront margin to establish the business.
And the money that you get from trading is may or may not be consistent. Trading is not the solution for someones financial problems.
anshuq replied to Rabi Newar's post
Sep 15 9:31 PM

Operator is a group of people, institution with a huge some of money, with insider information of the company , first they accumulate the multiple amount shares compared to there daily average volumes of those shares and then they use news , social media , blogs etc to offload al...

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