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TradeAdda @nishantshah91
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Hey Guys Nishant Here I am a passionalte trader/investor . Started my Telegram Channel to just share my ideas and views with my friends and have grown many folds from there .✍️ 6 Plus Years of Experience in the Market. Still learning Everyday. ✍️ NISM Certified Mutual Fund Distributor. ✍️ CFA Charter Holder. (Chartered Financial Analyst - USA)For free information breaking news and trending stock charts you can join my free telegram channel . Type " @TradeAdda" on telegram search bar and join us.
Tanay Tibrewal @tanay
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|FNO Warrior| |Price Action Therapist| TREND is your BEST friend. Views expressed are purely my own and for educational purposes only. Firm believer of price action trading strategies.
The Inside Analytics @MastersOfEconomics
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I, am a share market Professional working in Swastika Investmart Ltd as Salae Manager In Dehradun Uttrakhand, Our Hobby to Technical charts Reading And Pridiction for Educational Perpose only one..Please make trade at your on risk..Thanks, n Regard Your Goodwisher
Market analyser @Faster
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Game changer
Uttam @uttam-SJWFN-DK4
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Riddler @riddler
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Avid stock market enthusiast
Abhey Prakash @TEJGYAN
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TEJGYAN help you invest into the right stocks, without the complexity and noise. We are **NOT SEBI REGISTERED ANALYST/RESEARCHER.** NO ADVISORY/CLAIMS/RIGHTS RESERVED. Consult Market Experts before Investing. All Charts and post are Educational Purposes only.
Sam @shyamala
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Naveen Reddy @naveenreddy
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FINANCIAL MANDI @financialmandi
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I am Investment Associate at ICICI Direct.Recruit Sub brokers for Stoxkart & Aliceblue. Interested can ping meTO OPEN YOUR DEMAT A/C 👇ICICI SECURITIES FREE A/C OPENING - - - BROKING - - -
Eagleintradayteam  @Eagleintradayteam
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Every movement in market beyond there is a news that one we will get once we become professional in trading
Afroz @afroz
Abhay @abhay-BJT1GhbsS
MoneyMaker @moneymaker-SJ9cHPBdI
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PRIYANDOSS  @priyandoss
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Ganesh Mahajan @ganeshmahajan
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218791 @218791