Good mornin, friends!
I hope you're doing well. All geared up for a tremendous Tuesday then?
Global market is Flat to Positive, so why not!
As shared in yesterday's chart, trading in small range on lower time frames. Thus a big movement soon can't be ruled out. Short term Positive above 15400 and continued bearishness below 15200. Overall structure is still bearish on higher time frame. So Sell on Rise mode is still on. Wait for the range to be broken for directional move.
This as well is in range of 32400 to 32900. Directional move would be above 33000 or below 32000. Intraday resistances at 32900/33000 & Supports at 32600/32400. I am more towards BN and expect a decent move soon. Keep banks like #AXISBANK, #ICICIBANK & #KOTAKBANK in watchlist to catch those Pull Back moves.
Nothing stock specific. Let's wait for market to get a proper direction for itself. Create your positions accordingly. Wishing you a profitable day ahead!