Intraday Range: 16800-17200
Short Term Range: 16700-17400
Intraday Range: 37600-38500
Short Term Range: 37500-38700
Major draggers: Banks, Financials & Metals
Stocks to watch: #MUTHOOTFIN & #TATAMOTORS
A probable dark horse: #ITI
So finally we've green closing globally and looks all set for a 100-140 Points in our markets too. Will it sustain? It technically should considerin the sudden change of sentiments. More market stays above 17000, more shorts will cover their positions. All in all very exciting & trending weekly expiry expected today.
Position sizing recommended: Medium
Should we be cautious? : Yes. (Let the greenery sustain for back to back sessions)
Area of averaging PF? : 16700 (Keeping this level intact for a few days as long as we're closing below 17500)