A learning for my dear followers friend.. since last few days I am noticing a very low volume in nifty future. Approx 40% less than what happens generally.
#NIFTY50 closing price with approximately volume in million. Now this is something new I am observing since last 3 tops (oct'21, jan'22 and apr'22) nifty made.
Date Close Vol
5/8 17416 9.26M
8/8 17557 7.75M
10/8 17558 7.56M
11/8 17685 7.73M
12/8 17713 7.13M
16/8 17851 6.53M
17/8 17965 5.56M
Nifty up Volume down
"One can play with the price. But can't alter the volume".