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Melstar Information Technology Ltd.
Sector: Information Technology
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  • MELSTAR - Share Price - Fundamentals

    Market Capitalization5.47
    Enterprise Value15.47
    Price to Earnings40.65
    Price to Book Value1.36
    Return on Capital Employed-0.04
    Return on Equity-2.16
    Face Value10
    Dividend YieldNA
  • MELSTAR Share Price - Technicals

    MELSTAR - 52 Week High₹0
    MELSTAR - 52 Week Low₹0
  • MELSTAR Share Price - Daily Moving Averages (DMA)

    20 Day Moving Average₹0
    30 Day Moving Average₹0
    50 Day Moving Average₹0
    100 Day Moving Average₹0
    200 Day Moving Average₹0
  • MELSTAR - Profit And Loss

    CONSOLIDATEDMar-18Mar-17 % Change
    Operating Profit-3.94-1.721.29
    Profit Before Tax-2.53-3.92-0.35
    Net Income-2.72-3.93-0.31
  • MELSTAR - Balance Sheet

    CONSOLIDATEDMar-18Mar-17 % Change
    Shareholder's Funds1.264.03-0.69
    Total Liabilities22.1718.440.2
    Total Assets23.4322.470.04
  • MELSTAR - Cash Flow

    CONSOLIDATEDMar-18Mar-17 % Change
    Cash from Operating Activity-0.421.32-1.32
    Cash from Investing Activity0.40.46-0.13
    Cash from Financing Activity0.06-1.67-1.04
    Net Cash Flow0.050.11-0.55
  • MELSTAR - Ratios

    Return on Assets-0.12-0.17
    Return on Equity-2.16-0.98
    Return on Capital Employed-0.04-0.16
  • MELSTAR - 3 year Growth

    3 Year CAGR Growth in Revenue-0.85
    3 Year CAGR Growth in Operating Profit-5.68
    3 Year CAGR Growth in EBIDTA-1.7
    3 Year CAGR Growth in Net Income-0.65
    3 Yr CAGR Growth - Diluted EPS-0.65
  • MELSTAR - 5 year Growth

    5 Year CAGR Growth in Revenue-0.84
    5 Year CAGR Growth in Operating Profit-1.53
    5 Year CAGR Growth in EBIDTA-3.5
    5 Year CAGR Growth in Net Income-0.88
    3 Yr CAGR Growth - Diluted EPS-0.86
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