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Block Deals Data of NSE & BSE

About this service
Welcome to Prognozy Capital,

This is Prashant Sonawane and I am a professional Data Analyst..
Are you still depends on Paid Calls which is very costly !!! Just 10 & 20 Points move ?...

Here is solutions... Follow the leaders like FII, DII... Make a choice from data & make good money...

In this Paid services you will be received daily Block Deal data of NSE & BSE stocks, which is not reported or hard to find.. These deals are mostly done by FII DII & MFs.. Which indicate that stock will give a good move.. NO LIMITATIONS for data or number of stocks... whatever deals done in market you will get it all & Its Daily !!!

So Friends I am providing this service at very nominal cost...
Please subscribe & make every day profitable...
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Block Deals Data of NSE & BSE
Block Deal 30th
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Block Deal 29th July

Block Deals Data of NSE & BSE - 290101
Block Deals 26th July

Block Deals Data of NSE & BSE - 288031
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